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Code Listing by George Sakkis

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The Heap class is an improvement over a previous recipe ( that also wraps the heapq module. There are two main differences from the other recipe:
- All methods on this heap preserve the heap property invariant; therefore there is no need for is_heap().
- When creating a new heap, an optional 'key' argument can be specified to determine the comparison key for the items to...

Python tuple unpacking works only for fixed length sequences, that is one cannot write something like:
for (x,y,z=0,*rest) in [(1,2,3), (4,5), (6,7,8,9,10)]: print x,y,z,rest

This recipe returns a pad function that implements this...

A regular expression just-for-fun recipe for leeching email addresses.. even
some of those that are supposed to be only human readable.

A small yet flexible threadpool implementation. I wasn't quite satisfied with other existing solutions, so I rolled one on my own, building on top of the threadpool module by Christopher Arndt.

See the example in the end and the...

Programs that deal with measured quantities usually make an implicit assumption of the measurement unit, a practice which is error prone, inflexible and cumbersome. This metaclass solution takes the burden of dealing with measurement units from...

This recipe implements a round-robin generator, a generator that cycles through N iterables until all of them are exhausted:

>>> list(roundrobin('abc', [], range(4), (True,False)))
['a', 0, True, 'b', 1, False, 'c', 2, 3]

A memory efficient implementation of a mapping type for mappings with fixed keys.

This recipe refines an older recipe on creating class properties ( The refinement consists of:
- Using a decorator (introduced in python 2.4) to "declare" a...

A common task, especially in text processing, is to break some input sequence into chunks (lines, paragraphs, records, etc.) and process them one by one. The iterators of builtin strings and files can be considered such chunkers, breaking the...

This recipe builds on two previously posted recipes for a null or dummy object by modifying a few methods (e.g. as in SQL, Null == Null is Null, not True), supporting most (all?) special methods (e.g. int(Null)) and providing correct...