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Returns the orientation and signed area of a 2D polygon


X, Y Vectors with the polygon vertices

ORIENT Polygon orientation. 1 if the orientation is counter-clockwise (direct), 0 otherwise
SAREA Signed area of the polygon, negative if orientation is not direct

x1 = [0 0 1 1]; y1 = [1 2 2 1];
x2 = [0 0 1...

Similar to contour3 but contours are drawn over any surface.

This may be useful if you wanna add contours to a surface created by surf(x,y,z,v).

Notice that if v = z, is the same as use contour3.


GCLABEL allows the automatic placement of contour labels in the intersection points between a guide and the contour lines.

The guide is created by the user and can be a curve (spline) or a broken line. Any number of guides can be added...

Uses FFT and returns amplitudes and phases of the Fourier components.


X Series
INTERVAL Data sampling interval (hour)
OUTPUT Print(fid or filename)/show...

It is common to find routines to plot ellipses without the ellipse phase angle parameter.
Phase angle provides important information in many applications...

This function also allows ellipse to be drawn at different z levels.


D Directions
I Intensities
-dtype, type of input directions D, standard or meteo,
if meteo, the conversion dnew=mod(-90-D,360) is...

While Matlab FILL, fills inside a polygon, FILLOUT fills outside a boundary. The boundary can be a continuous line, defined by the vectors X,Y or a region defined by the 2-D arrays X,Y.


Similar to the well known colorbarf but more realistic.

There are two things missing in colorbar and colorbarf:
1. the colorbar ticks are scaled according to the size of each interval.
2. when color is saturated at the upper...

Plots 3-D arrows as cones. Is similar to CONEPLOT but the inputs can have any dimension.


X, Y, X Positions, N-D arrays
U, V, W Field, N-D arrays

Draws a variable width histogram.
Does not calculate data, it is just a drawing utility.
Draws histogram with defined x, so data length(data)=length(x)-1, or, if lengths are equal, bars are centred at x.