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Code Listing by Mats Asplund

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With this component in your application, your users would always be updated with the latest program release. When you have a new version coming up, just update a file (inifile-syntax), on your webserver with the new version number. When the user starts your application, this component will look in that file. If updating is needed, the user will be asked to download the new version.Source and demo included.

A component that generates HTML-FormTags, to be used in a WebModule or together with TWebDispatcher. The content this component produces could easily be added to the dispatchers response-content. Tags available for: PushButton, CheckBox,...

Have you ever got tired of clicking in Explorer for that file whos in the deepest tree-node. At least I have.
This little program will help you by letting you assign virtual drives for your most commonly used folders. In the good old...

A SpeedButton-component that launches anapplication when you click it.Sourcecode and demo supplied.

WKey is a component that stops program execution and waits for a key to be pressed.

Sourcecode and demo is supplied.

A clickable Label-component which launches an application, your mail-program or sends you far away...Changes color when mousepointer passes in or out. Two mouse-events.Sourcecode and demo supplied.

A horizontally-scrolling label.Sourcecode and demo supplied.

This program is a kind of local search-engine that scans an entire site, looking for keyword, -s. Multiple keyword search - just put space in between words. The result :Pages with hits All pages found All links found ...are output to three...

MacroBoy is a little program who saves you from getting a mouse-arm too early by tiresome clicking. MacroBoy saves your most commenly used actions as macros. When you want the actions to be performed, let MacroBoy do it for you. Run MacroBoy at...

A Push-button control. 4 colors, 3 sizes.
Sourcecode and demo supplied.