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By using this tutorial beginners and learners can learn and built their own ASP.NET application with message transfer facility i.e- they can provide secured communication on their .NET application with ease. This tutorial describes several topics like RPC encryption, point-to-point security, farming and load balancing etc., An useful article for the beginners to gain knowledge on transferring data in the network using ASP.NET.

Secure XSL Transformations in Microsoft .NET is an user friendly tutorial in which author describes the method for transforming XML data using secure XLS Transform class inorder to obtain a secure transformation. The author details about the...

This web server article elaborately discusses about security available on Internet Information services and gives several hints to the users for enhancing their fully secured IIS server. The author says it is reliable, manageable and configurable...

This is an article that deals with preserving downloaded codes. In this tutorial the author covers on several topics including default security for downloaded forms, providing file access to the forms, configuration tool of .NET framework etc.,...

This is an article that comes like an introduction to security with ASP.NET. This tutorial explains that authentication is the process for validating the user name and password and authorization is the process of verifying whether the given...

This is an online tutorial that discusses about a feature of ASP.NET version 1.1 that allows server to disagree the content that comes with unencoded HTML by requesting validation. This article explains that this security process is especially for...

This is an useful .NET article through which you can know about how to read from and write to a text file in Visual Basic.NET. You can do this by using the ReadLine and WriteLine methods of the StreamReader and StreamWriter classes. You must pass...

This is an online library which is helpful for the webmasters and for the developers that allows them to gather more information about SOAP and the methods to follow by the users are given easily. This tutorial can also be used for learning how to...

After referring this tutorial one who can gather more details about ASP.NET process and request identity. It offers different contents and the explanation about each content are so simple they are, how to configure the process identity, how to run...

This tutorial explains the problems while using the method ADO's Recordset.update for updating the table records as well as the resolution session provides the tips to override the errors with updation. Suggests you to create queries that does not...