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The benefits of Exit statement is taught elaborately in this tutorial that comes with an sample code snippet that shows the working principles of 'EXIT' statement to stop the current execution. It is more useful when using nested 'IF' functions in programming to quit from the subroutines and to execute other process if particular condition fails.

Use Server-Side Includes is an advanced article that helps you to know about the use of the SSI. Server side includes are a powerful tool for code re-use and helps the web developers to maintain a consistent site. The include files are of two...

It is an web based ASP learning resource that teaches the various functions of Err Object method to trap your error codes. This object will display the errors with the information like line number on which the error occur, the object that causes...

It is an online ASP tutorial that deals with coding in ASP language using functions and sub statements. A clear demonstration lets you understand the differences between them and you will be capable of using the opt one of them to execute tasks as...

You can learn the ways easily needed to send values into the functions and subroutines through this tutorial which suggests you to simply by denote the values within brackets followed by function and sub name. And in functions, it is possible to...

Looping Logic Part 1 : For...Next Statements is a tutorial which explains the users about the functions of "for next" loop statements on their websites. The description of this tutorial is described briefly with an example. This tutorial...

The usage of server variables is listed out on this ASP tutorial that describes how server variables can be accessed through ASP to collect web based information. Describes the utilities of environment variables to get such detail like...

Format Dates and Times is a tutorial which helps the users how to format date and time on their websites. The function which is used to format date and time is FormatDateTime and its function is explained in detail. It also shows the functions of...

This is an online article that can be used by the users to format integers. This tutorial elaborates about formatting numbers using a function FormatNumber and elaborates on using functions on creating negative numbers and zero. The author details...

This ASP tutorial guides you to code your applications effectively and in a managable way. The author suggests you to use subroutine modulars to store the code used multiple times and using ASP features and functions you can insert them anywhere...