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Code Listing by Mukhtar Ullah

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Sym2Polys (by Paul Godfrey) cannot be run on MATLAB 7(Release 14). This function is an extension of the Matlab SYM2POLY and COEFFS functions in that it allows the coefficients to be symbolic and returns the full coefficient vector including the zero coefficients.

FREQTABLE Frequency table.
[Y,N] = FREQTABLE(X) takes a vector X and returns the unique values of
X in theoutput Y, and the number of instances of each value in the
output N. X can be a charachter array or cell array of strings.

DARROW draw arrows at specified point in spefied directions

DARROW(X,Y,U,V,S) for scalar arguments, draws an arrow of lengths S at point (X,Y) in the direction (U,V).

When one or more input arguments are column vectors,...

FINDARRAY Find one array within another
I = FINDARRAY(A,B,'first') for the array B returns an index array of
the same size as B containing the smallest absolute index in A for each
element of B which is a member of A and 0 if...

DIRECTEDPLOT Plot with directions

DIRECTEDPLOT(X,Y) plots vector Y versus vector X, with arrows on alternative points. If X or Y is a matrix, then the vector is plotted versus the rows or columns of the matrix,whichever line up.

RM2SF changes the typeface of non-math text with latex interpreter from
roman (serif) to sans-serif. This is needed because the latex interpreter
typesets both math and text in roman irrespective of the font

MULTINOMIAL(N, K1, K2, ..., Km) where N and Ki are numeric arrays of non-negative integers satisfying N = K1 + K2 + ... + Km, returns the multinomial coefficient N!/( K1!* K2! ... *Km!).

MULTINOMIAL(N, [K1 K2 ... Km]) when Ki's are all...

Returns symbolic matrices with subscripts which can be manipulated using the Symbolic Toolbox.

e.g. symbmat('a',2,3)

[ a11, a12, a13]
[ a21, a22, a23]

e.g. symbmat('a',1,2)

GINPUTPLOT finds points on the 2-D plot nearest to the mouse click

[XI,YI] = GINPUTPLOT(N) gets N points from the current axes and
returns the nearest points on the plot of Y versus X, in length N
vectors XI and YI, where X...

BINOMIAL Binomial coefficient.

If the arguments are both non-negative integers with 0 <= K <= N, then
BINOMIAL(N, K) = N!/K!/(N-K)!, which is the number of distinct sets of
K objects that can be chosen from N distinct...