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Users can get the benefit of this applet after loading their selected image into it to be converted as an animated one. This applet provides a wave like motion to create a live motion to the images on any website. Users can allow their visitors to view animated image with this effect, the animation can be stopped by moving the cursor over. Users can also customize various aspects of this applet.

This is a very small and very simple applet for usage on webpages for creating wrinkles over images. Random wrinkles are produced over any given image according to the users specifications. The effect will be stopped automatically when the...

This applet creates image effects to the webmasters pictures and images. This program produces a blossom effect at a center point or at the area where mouse is located after loading an image. Users can show their own pictures with this effect to...

This applet comes with the ability to generate an image effect to your photos and images on your website. If you load an image in this applet it will create a convex effect which moves randomly on your image or according to your mouse location....

In this applet users can find a cube effect to suit their animated pictures on their websites. It revolves the loaded image after making it as a cubic box, it becomes freeze when mouse is moved on it. Users can show their visitors picture...

VisualEffectCylinder provides a cylinder effect to the images on any website. Users can show their picture animation with a cylinder effect using this applet. It revolves images in the shape of cylinder after loading them. This applet can be used...

This applet is in capable of creating an animated emboss effect on your pictures. If you load your pictures and images to this applet it will create an animation with emboss effect. It will display its real image when mouse is moved on it. Users...

This applet allows the web owners to have their own animated pictures with an extra effect. They can let their visitors to find a fire effect at the bottom of the images. If mouse is moved on the image, which will be resulted in displaying real...

This is a nice applet that displays users images with firework effect. This effect is generated at random center and at the area where mouse is located. Users can show their visitors animated pictures with this effect by using this applet to make...

This applet can be used by the users to build a slide show on their servers. They can show variable size of images and photos through this applet. Users can have the facilities to alter the time duration of each slide at their own choice and to...