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Report About MiningBuddy 0.5.13
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MiningBuddy is a tool to help you keep track of your mining and corporation business in EvE-Online.

It has a moderate feature list, its a living, breathing, fast expanding product and has an ever growing base of fans! It is the only tool of its kind.


Secure Login / Logout facility
No useful information is stored in the browser cookie, nor are any login relevant information beeing transmitted after login. If more than one browser logs in with the same valid credentials, the other instance gets kicked off. Every login is logged in a read-only database. (Unless your database server has been compromised). Passwords are double-hashed and stored as such.

Adding, deleting and managing users.
Account creation is completly done manually. A user has to request an account for himself and the CEO (or miningbuddy admin) has to verify that account. On top of that a verification email is beeing sent to the user who requested it, in which he is asked to verify his email adress (by clicking a contained link). Only by validating (email adress and ceo) the user is allowed to login. The easy to use interface lets admins handle users in a snap.

fine grained access control
As of miningbuddy 0.4 you have fine grained access control over the users. You can set, individually, if that user that login, change his email, change his password, if he can join mining runs (or create or delete them), if he can haul, add events, see events, etc. So its entirely possible to have highly restrictive guest accounts that you can use for people you dont know. Or have haulers-only accounts.

Events management
Let people know what you are doing! MiningBuddy has (a currently crude) events calendar, where you can announce what you are going to do, be it a mining run or a mission run, a killing spree; you name it. And if people have opt-in to the miningbuddy announcement system, they will get an invitation by email. Managing events has never been easier.

Creating, Joining, leaving and deleting mining runs
Naturally its possible to create a mining operation. You specify where the operation is beeing held at, what ships you want to see there, and how much ore you want to dig up. A click later you see a new mining operation listed. People can join this run, haul to it and manage their jettisoned cans in space. Of course, the ever growing ISK numbers keep people motivated.

Add Haul Information
Everytime your miners fill a can your haulers will pick it up and haul it back to a station. While they are in warp they click on the "add haul" button and just add the numbers they are transporting. Every haul is beeing recorded, which who hauled what and when. No more "where did that ore go". And its a great way of keeping track.

Ore Management
Everyone who has the permissions to do so can set the values of ores. You can also enable and disable the listing of specific oretypes. That is, if you are a fresh corporation you do not mine Mercoxit (usually). So you disable this oretype which will not get listed on any of the forms, uncluttering your miningbuddy and streamlining the use.

Dynamically create images
If you use a real, out of game browser, every menu item is actually rendered on the spot, dynamically. And to easen the server load, once an image has been rendered its saved on disk for later use. Eyecandy without massive CPU tradeoff.