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Add facebook, twitter, google +1, google buzz, linkedin, digg, and stumbledupon social media buttons to your website in either a floating or sliding panel.
Button Panel Options

To access the plugin settings go to WordPress admin -> Settings -> Slick Social Buttons

The button panel can be fully customised on the plugin settings page in WordPress admin:

Type - Select either a "floating" button or a "Sliding" tab
Location - Select the position of the button panel.
Position From Center - only available for floating buttons this allows you to set the panels position based on the center of the screen as opposed to the edge of the browser. If checked enter the number of pixels that the panel should be positioned from the center of screen
Offset - Position the panel by offsetting the location from the edge of the browser in pixels
Direction - For sliding tabs select whether to list the buttons horizontally or vertically.
Disable Floating Effects - check the box to remove the floating effects - floating panel will remain static in the screen
Floating Speed - The speed for the floating animation (only applicable for the floating type)
Animation Speed - The speed at which the panel will open/close
Auto-Close - If checked, the panel will automatically slide closed when the user clicks anywhere in the browser window
Load Open - If checked the sticky/floating panel will be in the open position when the page loads
Default Skin - Uncheck if you wish to use your own CSS styles for the button tab and panel
Tab Image URL - Enter URL if you wish to replace the current default tab image

Set Display Pages

Home Page
Category Pages - includes detailed list of all categories - select those you wish to exclude
Archive Pages

Button Options

Twitter - Button size & Twitter ID
Facebook - Button size, select whether to use iFrame or xfbml & input Facebook App ID and Admin ID details
Google +1 - Button size
LinkedIn - Button size
StumbleUpon - Button size
Digg - Button size
Google Buzz - Button size & option to input default image

To change order of display drag & drop the button panel to the required position
Twitter URL Shortening

The plugin includes the option to select URL shortening for twitter from several services:

If using the API Key and account login must also be entered. For these are both optional.

The plugin includes the feature to add text links within your site content that will open/close the slide out or floating tab.

[dcssb-link] - default link, which will toggle the button panel open/closed with the link text "Share".
[dcssb-link text="Tell Your Friends"] - toggle the button panel open/closed with the link text "Tell Your Friends".
[dcssb-link action="open"] - open the panel with the default link text "Share".
[dcssb-link action="close"] - close the panel with the default link text "Share".