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How To Disable Cookies That Are Sent by Active Server Pages is a web based article which concentrates on codes which are involved in disabling cookies which tracks session ID's of site visitors with the help of ASP applications. This article offers statements which helps in controlling session state with the help of ASP application.

An open spurce warning, info and exception library that allows user to save logs in xml and text format(currenlty only the exception) and sent them via e-maail contained in a xml file . The library is written in C# for dotnetframework 2 ok you can...

This component receives the files sent from the users and manipulates those uploaded files. The uploaded files can be stored either to the files or to the database as binary data. The uploaded files of the same type are stored in various locations...

SmartSerialMail allows you to sent e-mails automatically to a large number of recipients. E-mails can be sent using up to 64 connections simultaneously, which allows an optimal usage of your internet connection. Each mail is send individually to...

Ok, this is really simple but I think it worths a recipe as it's one of those things I always use in shell scripts and for debugging in general.

LoggingWebMonitor listens for log records sent from other processes running in the same box or network. Collects and saves them concurrently in a log file. Shows a summary web page with the latest N records received.

This recipe can separate the output of PyChecker or PyFlakes into OK'd and regular messages. An example is included below.

This is an enhanced version of the pychok recipe handling PyChecker or PyFlakes. See the module documentation...

This short script allows a user to track the current status of a package sent through FedEx. It is meant to be run from the command line and takes 1 option argument (-v) to determine whether or not it shows all tracking information, or just the...

This extracts all of the To addresses from a file in standard mbox format.
It is used on a "Sent Items" mailbox to build an address white list.
Presumably everyone you send email to is a candidate for an email white list.

OK, 4 lines if you count wrapped lines. :^) This is a rather naive implementation of quicksort that illustrates the expressive power of list comprehensions. DO NOT USE THIS IN REAL CODE!

NOTE: Due to an annoyance in the ASPN...

Often we want to just collect a bunch of stuff together, naming each item of the bunch; a dictionary's OK for that, but a small do-nothing class is even handier, and prettier to use.

PyHeartbeat detects inactive computers by sending and receveing "heartbeats" as UDP packets on the network, and keeping track of how much time passed since each known computer sent its last heartbeat. The concurrency in the server is...

Ok, yes, my expectation was that when I saw this, before I downloaded it I expected it to be a student's homework assigment. In fact, this is a reasonably carefully crafted tool.

One serious issue is that this code requires you to...

Ok, my approach is very different from the ones I have seen. I followed four premises:

a) The pendulum is essential linear, and the nonlinearity of the angle is not relevant. (This is an assumption, and I make no attempt to verify...

It works just fine, download it only if you re ok with programming. You will have to know what EM is before downloading it.

Ok i'm new to this, so i hope to do this right. I had to study the longitudinal stability of an airplane and i needed to put the eigenvalue in order. i searched the net and found this but...

Produces a simple OK dialog to be used to display long help messages but may really be used for many purposes.

The lengthy message is displayed in a listbox, which has the advantage of permitting scroll bars.


WIDEOKDLGWITHLISTBOX produces a simple OK dialog to be used to display long help messages but may really be used for many purposes.
The lengthy message is displayed in a listbox, which
has the advantage of permitting scroll bars.

This plugin allows you to set the "From" address used in emails sent by WordPress, thus overriding the default of

The resulting "From" in emails sent by WordPress will still display a name...

The button for the retweet BuzzVolume facilitates RT and shows how many times your page has already been sent to Twitter.

The BuzzVolume aggregates the most popular Twitter links in Portuguese.