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The Biomet Database Tool (BDT) was designed to be a simple front end to MS Access and MySQL databases as well as a graphical analysis tool. The interface itself is quite simple but still lets the user do more complex operations for those willing to read the help (press F1 with BDT open).

BDT can load data (from databases, the workspace, or files), plot the data, export/save the data, and give the user a quick method of cropping data...

This is an ASP based database tool which is helpful for the users to manage their database records remotely with full security. By using this utility users can view, store, update, remove and search their records from the database and also it...

This is a ASP based database tool which is helpful for the novice programmer who wants to generate their own powerful web applications quickly. It allows them to add, edit, remove and search their records from their web database. This tool is...

This is a database tool which is built in ASP program. This script is helpful for the users to view records step by step as ten pages instead of displaying all the records in a single page. It uses Microsoft Access database table as backend which...

VBS Database is a database tool that helps database administrators or any users to add their data records inside the database table. It supports any type of database to store data. It has search engine facility to select their records subset...

ADO Explorer is a powerful database tool using ADO (ActiveX Database Objects) that allows you to proceed quickly and efficiently in your everyday database work.Now comes with ready to use native SQL commands for MSSQL, ORACLE and INFORMIX...

ODBC Explorer is an easy-to-use database tool for Win32. It offers many powerful features for database administrators and programmers. This tool is based on ODBC DAC and works with ODBC drivers directly without any intermediate layers. Using ODBC...

Active Pager is a database tool which is used to add a paging tool to a data grid component. It offers useful navigation tool which helps the users to navigate between different pages using previous, next, drop down selector, first and last page,...

ASP events is a reporting database tool that performs to launch particular web pages in a particular time. For example if the user runs a shareware software on their system that runs only for ten days from the time of installation, it gives a...

AspGrid is an ASP based database tool which can be integrated in the users website. This tool gives full control over the database in the ASP applications in three lines of codes. This has several features like providing object interface for...

Codease is a .Net based database tool which is helpful for the database administrators to generate database connected codes. Users never need to write SQL queries because it generates stored procedures automatically. It simplifies maintenance and...

This database tool allows user to edit and search the stored records. It allows user to manage database without file transfer protocol. Several features of this script are, can customize the records from database, manage line breaks into HTML or...

DB Documentor is a powerful database tool which provides database documention for your database table for SQL objects. DBDocumentor gives a cross referenced view of the SQL database, comprising where data is retrieved from and what objects are...

DBPanel adminApp is a database tool used to record the data. It helps the user to store the data and multiple items quickly. The database choice will list all database text files and these files must be named correctly as the database. You can add...

DbVisualizer is a database tool that enables simultaneous connections to many different databases through JDBC drivers and relies on the JDBC, Java Database Connectivity APIs. DbVisualizer supports arbitrary SQL statements to be executed and saved...

DiscDB is a C based database tool that helps users to store file data of compact dics. Data to copy on the CD are stored in MySQL database which helps users to access their required data quickly. Its a handy and useful tool for every user. By...

GenX.NET is an useful database tool which is used for transforming the data into different format. Supported formats are .pdf, html, csv, .xls, xml etc., This component is basically for delivering data universally in any format.

jtScroll is an webbased ASP database tool that can be integrated into user website for developing web pages and provide navigation of pages with in the structure. This tool is integrated in the server side for performing risky functions like...

LANdb is perl based database tool. This script manipulates SQL database automatically. LANdb has some advantages like, it supports multi platforms, it can be connected to any SQL based dadatabase management system like Oracle and Microsoft SQL...

This is a database tool which is helpful for the user to create their web pages with page through result set which displays the records in mainframe and the status of current page and total page in the bottom frame. It uses ASP, client side Visual...