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A LINQ Provider for ADAM.

Disclaimer: This project is not associated with ADAM in any way. For more information about ADAM, visit

Commonly used LINQ queries can be simplified into methods. Programmer can simply call the method in this library and pass the parameters, instead of writing complex queries. In other words ready made queries for programmers as methods.

Framework to Dynamically create Linq queries against an SQL database in C# 3.0 that automatically populates an ObservableCollection for WPF binding Also includes an Observable EntitySet<T> Wrapper to bind an EntitySet to WPF controls...

Do you search an implementation of LINQ project in PHP, but you can find only incomplete? Try this, only one complete implementation of LINQ to PHP (now LINQ to Arrays and LINQ to Collections with ArrayList and Dictionary objects included).

LINQ to WCF is a framework for sending LINQ expression trees over the network using WCF.

StaticLinq is a plain and simple java solution to LINQ. We follow the KISS principle and use interfaces to achieve LINQ-like syntax. This project prepares us for Java 7's addition of Closure while still support Java 5 and 6 P.S. NO...

LINQ Insight is a Visual Studio add-in that allows to execute LINQ queries at design-time directly from Visual Studio without starting a debug session, allowing you to test queries instantly after you write them. LINQ Insight also provides a...

Entity Developer for LINQ to SQL is a powerful modeling and code generation tool for LINQ to SQL.Use Model-First and Database-First approaches to design your model and generate C# or Visual Basic .NET code for it. Customize the templates to fit...

Lightweight Linq-like library for Lua.
The syntax is very similar to LINQ and reminds of SQL, for those who already know those languages. Ita€™s released with a BSD 3 clause license.

It uses a very basic subset of Lua,...

Inquery is a querying library modeled on the LINQ library in .NET. It is an object-oriented library exposing many customizable query functions. This project is DEAD.

SQLinqenlot is a utility library to be used on top of Linq-To-Sql, with a bunch of really useful extensions and encapsulated functions that will make developers' lives a heckuva lot easier. Please join on and help make it even better!

By utilizing LINQ to SQL classes (made by either the designer or SqlMetal), WCFMetal generates configurable, extensible WCF based data access web services. The services created provide Load, Save, and Delete functionality to client applications.

This tool provides User Interface for command-line tool SqlMetal which can generate code and mapping for the LINQ to SQL component of the .NET Framework.

AxLINQ is Language-INtegrated Query for Microsoft Dynamics Ax, inspired by the LINQ project for .Net [PROJECT MOVED TO CODEPLEX]

KSS Generator is a tool that help developer to generate the data access layer from a database with LINQ supported.

i4o (index for objects) is the first class library that extends LINQ to allow you to put indexes on your objects. Using i4o, the speed of LINQ operations are often over one thousand times faster than without i4o.

Object Relational Mapping, Linq type queries

Provides a lightweight wrapper class akin to jQuery, ActiveRecord, and LINQ, allowing one to query objects and collections. Renders it unnecessary to have logic deeply nested in defensive code (checks for is_object, is_null, isset, empty,...

This project attempts to replicate Linq to objects capabilities provided by .Net framework in C++.