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This tutorial describes an introduction to classes and object oriented programming in PHP. Object oriented programming (OOP) is a commonly used term when discussing modern programming techniques. One of the things that makes humans stand out is the ability to categorize - we put objects into categories of similar type of function.

All the functionality this module brings takes place under the hood at no performance cost.


Unpack in your modules folder (usually /sites/all/modules/) and enable under Administer > Site Building >...

Provides is a module that gives support for implementing state machines. States are implemented as subclasses, derived from the state machine class. Methods that are state dependant or which cause transitions are declared using decorators....

This is a signals implementation for python. It is similar to the pydispatch module. This implementation enables you to create Signals as members of classes, as globals, or as locals. You may connect any number of functions or class methods to any...

This module allows you to handle and protect from inconsistencies sets of files that must all be saved at the same time. It does this be creating backups and temporary files. It has been moderately tested for bugs.

This is a C++-like template based inheritance implementation in Python.

This is like the object oriented concept of extending a super
class. However, instead of starting at the furthest subclass and working your
way up, you start at the top super class and work your way down.

A small yet flexible threadpool implementation. I wasn't quite satisfied with other existing solutions, so I rolled one on my own, building on top of the threadpool module by Christopher Arndt.

See the example in the end and the...

In some code I have to work with but don't have much control over,
there are a bunch of strings declared at the module level. I need to figure
out what all those strings are, and wrap them in something. Once they are
wrapped, they...

Programs that deal with measured quantities usually make an implicit assumption of the measurement unit, a practice which is error prone, inflexible and cumbersome. This metaclass solution takes the burden of dealing with measurement units from...

Python does not automatically call the __init__ (and __del__) methods of superclasses if subclasses define their own; explicit calling is needed, and it may be advisable to use a call-if-it-exists idiom.

This will automaticly return then next integer forever it starts with 0. This is an example of how to make a generator and how to make a callable object.

Metaclass that allows for private attributes. Classes can ensure privacy of their data by checking the stack frame inside __setattr__ and __getattribute__ to see if the function requesting the attribute was defined as part of the class.

Sample Pythonic Inversion-of-Control Pseudo-Container.

My first recipe here, it uses __getattr__ to modify the error messages given when a wrong class method is called. It shows the first five ranked most similar method names, followed by the first line of their docstrings (this is useful to see their...

In Python, any variable can be re-bound at will -- and modules don't let you define special methods such as an instance's __setattr__ to stop attribute re-binding. Easy solution (in Python 2.1 and up): use an instance as "module"...

If you feel that the global directive don't fit Python language. Here is a short class for your aesthetic sensibility.

This recipe implements a design pattern useful for performing an object-oriented case analysis for a particular object (or a collection of objects as well). Essentially, it is an alternative to complex if-then-else or switches. Modelling each case...

This recipe provides a semi-automatic mechanism to close resources.

Here I have implemented the Singleton base class using __new__.
I was reading thru Bruce Eckel's
and thought OnlyOne can be more simple....

Are there any differences in between two...