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Output Messenger 1.8.0
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Weblets like applets are small programs loaded invisibly from unknown systems to be run in a browser. This requires tight management of security. The sandbox is a set of constraints and permissions that protect users and client systems from the various damages that can be put up by poorly-trained or malicious applets. This article describes how to overcome the problems of the sandbox and overcoming it and as a result ensuring security of the...

Add barcodes to your programs and documents.Insert it into your Word document, Access report, or Excel spreadsheet. Type your data into the Barcode field, and click Print. Use it in your Visual Basic, Delphi, or Visual C++ application.Customize...

With this library, Delphi programs can read and write JPEG 2000, PNG, ICO, CUR and PCX images. RAS, PNM, PGM, PPM, HIPS images can be loaded, but not created. Both lossy and lossless coding of JPEG 2000 images are supported. In addition to the...

You've seen aquarium programs before, but you've never seen anything like this! Marine Life so vibrant you won't believe your eyes. Indescribable realism. These fish are actual 3D Models, not flat images dragged across the screen.Use the Marine...

Gives your shareware programs the ultimate look & feel of a wasted old paper sheet. A must for every serious programmer! If serious, TBlackHole is a visible component that allows you to create a gap in your form.

Sample showing how to modify the system menu of Form (change, delete, add new items in menu). + Example of showing the ShellAbout dialogue (as in standard Windows programs).Exe-demo available from Homepage

This component is intended for interception (without any WindowsHook, without dll's) of pressing the keyboard. The KeySpy is possible to apply for interception of the typed text of the another's programs, as keyboard spy, or for processing events...

This program hook other programs' operation to the serial ports, so It can debug serial port program without source code and even serial port lines. This program can hook serial port programs' setting baudrate ,setting line control , writing to...

Stringa is a simple C++ class, importable in console programs by clause: #include stringa.hpp.It was conceived to make esier character string managing into console (but not only) C++ programs.It treats strings as well as dynamic objects: carry out...

BDiff is used to output information about the differences between two files, with the option to output binary information. BPatch can apply the binary patches created by BDiff. Both programs are command line tools.These programs are versions of...

The programs supplied in this archive are versions of Stefan Reuther's bdiff and bpatch compiled from Pascal translations of the original C source.BDiff is used to output information about the differences between two files, with the option to...

These programs are intended to ensure customers' database structures are always consistent (synchronised) with that on the developer's system. FF DAO Scripter writes a text file that describes a nominated ACCESS (DAO) database structure FF DAO...

Lots of programs are copied illigally. Keys, key-generators etc can be found on the Internet... What can stop it?SoftLock provides protection by the user's hard-disk manufacturer ID (which changes only if the user changes his HDD). Registration...

A progressbar utility for command line programs, very easy to use.
The original code is hosted in github:

Runs programs in "Programs" and creates *.WSO files when needed.

Can be executed directly by double-click or on the command line.

If run on command line, add "ASM" flag to dump program assembly.

Programs can be written as substitutions. This allows a set of substitution rules to be defined and then strings are transformed using these rules in a left recursive manner.

I found an article by Guido a while ago describing a generic main method for most Python programs ( Since then I found myself copying the same code into most of my programs. This recipe...

Locks or mutexes are very basic primitives used to coordinate threads operations in multi-threaded programs. Unfortunately, even if Python provides a low-level implementation of locks in the thread module, the high level implementation of...

This recipe allows the creation of servers that
provide services to connecting programs. This is
basically a remote procedure call (RPC) server
that allows various clients to connect and
communicate through registered functions.

Many programs need a set of initial data. For ease of use and flexibility, design a mini-language for your input data. Use Python's superb text handling capability to parse and build the data structure from the input text.