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phpEnter 5.1.
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Two methods are provided -
1) an automatic updation method which can be effectively used outside of a loop since it writes out a newton-raphson computation file from the parameters received.
2) a manual file generation method; effective when the resulting file has to be called repeatedly in a loop.

Webamsters can utilize this program to add a currency exchange on their existing ASP.NET websites for their ecommerce businesses. This program is based on C# and uses XML to store the data and updation is automatically done. Customers can have the...

ASP.NET Documentation Tool is a handy utility for .NET programmers and developers to document their projects. This program has more features like, supporting XML comments, facilitates automatic updation of project document, Visual Studio.NET...

This is a file uploading system with which webmasters will be able to upload their ASP.NET projects with ease. This program uploads files to the FTP websites and enables an easier updation of the projects by tracking the entire projects,...

Community Portal (CommPortal) is originated from perl software that helps to accumulate your favourite channels and websites with active links for automated updation. RSS News from famous websites about important topics can be included with...

Webmasters can utilize this page which provides the downloading capability to their pages without requiring constant updation of download files. This tool offers an enhanced feature of downloading the page automatically that is specified by the...

This is a tutorial that describes about building application updating program. Programmers can utilize this tutorial to make quicker and easier application updation. How ever the programmers create applications most scalable in nature, updation...

Editor Pro provides efficient features to manage the news engine on perl based websites. Addition, updation, modification with news pages are simply performed using WYSIWYG editors. Statistics with posted comments, archived articles, ratings,...

This is a Content Management System that facilitates administrators for an easier website updation. This program allows users to use CSS style sheets and to work without any previous experience. This program facilitates for rich content editing...

This script will help you show the date and time of the last updation of the HTMl file of your website. Lastmod.cgi is the script file, which without any extra files can be used to find out the last updation on any number of pages on your website.

This is a tutorial that can be used by the ASP users to have automated notifying system for website or web page updation. It has the ability to print, keep track and notify the website or web page updation. Webmasters can use image to notify the...

OleDbRowUpdatedEventArgs Class is an useful tutorial through which you can know how to supply the data for the RowUpdated event that is raised after the completion of a row updation operation. You must use the System.Data.OleDb namespace if you...

This tutorial explains the problems while using the method ADO's Recordset.update for updating the table records as well as the resolution session provides the tips to override the errors with updation. Suggests you to create queries that does not...

This is an article that guides users to have a schedular on the server to automate the reporting via email. Author says that this provided application needs not any further updation or maintenance. This discussed program has the ability to decide...

This article clearly states the need of RSS Feed which could be generated using ASP.NET. This RSS Feed is used to access the latest updation of any particlular website. RSS gives the information about the changes in the website content. Initially...

The Template class vlibTemplate describes the need to seperate PHP and HTML from an entire source with examples. PHP session can be used for the PHP developers to make modification / updation with it where HTML lets the designers to format the...

A eclipse plugin code generator for liferay with spring MVC in web layer and using spring as business layer. This is a simple tool which would reduce the redundant effort of liferay portlet XML updation, controller and preference JSP page generation.

Webmasters can utilize this caching component on their websites to enhance their web pages and reduce their webserver load. This component performs page fragmented caching and data caching and this component can be easily integrated into any...

AWT Subscribe works with perl implemented websites through which site owners can create multiple subscription email lists to allow their visitors to add their names with existing subscribed member lists. And emails contain newsletters and site...

bbBoard v2 is multi-platform compatible. bbBoard is completely modifiable, which allows you to manipulate the coding using a variety of programming languages such as C++, Python, PHP, Java, TCL and several others. The included Graphics Kit makes...