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6713 DSK based Karaoke Machine 1.0
File ID: 77729

6713 DSK based Karaoke Machine 1.0
Download 6713 DSK based Karaoke Machine 1.0http://www.mathworks.comReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 112.6 KB
Downloads: 11
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6713 DSK based Karaoke Machine 1.0 Description
Description: Important Note:
This model could only be compatible with MATLAB 7(R14) and CCS 2.21. It might work for other versions of MATLAB & CCS but for that Sampling Rates & data types of various simulink blocks might have to be adjusted (changed) to obtain optimum performance & best Result

This model can be simply downloaded by clicking on Incremental Build if the hardware is connected properly and all the necessary drivers & softwares are installed.


This 6713DSK based hardware model is divided into 8 different channels. The functions of all these eight stages are explained as follows.


In this mode (0000 switch configuration) the original song is passed through a gain block and thus amplified without any alteration.

In this mode (0001) the voice of the artist from the original song is suppressed using the subtraction method. For this purpose the stereo audio input is split into two different tracks and two mono sound tracks are produced by passing only one column of the vector matrix by means of submatrix blocks. Then each submatrix output vector matrix is multiplied by using product block; one with +1 and the other with -1, then both these outputs are added using a sum block, the output of which is further divided into two vectors before being applied to the horizontal matrix concatenation block which serves the purpose of converting two mono inputs into a suitable stereo output form.

This mode (0010) amplifies the bass (low frequency e.g. Tablas, Drums etc.,) components of the audio signal while high frequency music components are significantly attenuated. For that, this section consists of an IIR Band pass Butterworth Filter of order 2(designed using FDA tool). The cut-off frequencies of the filter used in hardware model are 80Hz and 800Hz.


In this mode (0011), the treble i.e. high frequency compoments are boosted while the bass components are reduced in amplitude. As above this is achieved by the IIR Band pass Butterworth Filter of order 2(designed using FDA tool). The passband for this is from 8 KHz to 14 KHz.


In this configuration (0100) the sound output is fed only into the left audio channel. So you will be able to listen the music only from the left speaker while right speaker will remain silent. This is achieved using two submatrix blocks; with the help of them left channel is multiplied by 1 and the right channel by 0 giving desired result.


This mode (0101) is the inverse of the above mode as here the sound output is fed only into the right audio channel. So you will be able to listen the music only from the right speaker while the left speaker will remain silent. This is achieved using two submatrix blocks; with the help of them right channel is multiplied by 1 and the left channel by 0 giving desired result.


Echo is repetition of a sound by reflection of sound waves from a surfaced-deDt. Echo rises in Communication systems, when signals encounter a mismatch in impedance. So this mode(0110) simply generates the recursive output signal which is produced with help of integer delay and appropriate feedback gain.

DIP switch configuration for this mode is 0111. Here the present signal is added with the same delayed signal thus generating such a virtual effect that more than one singer is singing simultaneously the same song.

For any other DIP switch combinations no channel is provided and so these modes will function as off and they are kept reserved for the future enhancement of the project.

Use a stereo cable (stereo to stereo connector) to provide audio song input to Line in port of DSK & Connect speakers to Line out port of DSK or headphone can be used.

DIP switch Modes.doc file provides necessary information for Switching of operation using DIP switches

License: Freeware

Related: Channel, listen, speaker, activate, passband, reduced, amplitude, achieved, remain, Silent, echoecho, repetition, Reflection, Waves, result, inverse, giving, desired

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 112.6 KB

Downloads: 11

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