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A.M.Y. Ad Management Software 1.0
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A.M.Y. Ad Management Software 1.0
A.M.Y. Ad Management Software 1.0
Download A.M.Y. Ad Management Software 1.0http://calendarscripts.infoReport Error Link
License: Shareware
File Size: 114.3 KB
Downloads: 241
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A.M.Y. Ad Management Software 1.0 Description
Description: A.M.Y. is light and easy to use ajax-based ad management sofware that lets you sell ads on your site(s). A.M.Y. can do everything you need: Create unlimited advertising zones, Rotating or non-rotating ads, banner ads, text link ads, and HTML, Flat (time-based), CPM (impressions-based) and CPC (clicks-based) pricing plans, Manual management of advertisers and adertisers can sign-up online themselves, detailed reports for admin and advertisers, unlimited number of advertising campaigns and ads, Set ad priority in the campaign, Full source code included, no encryption, UNLIMITED domains license for domains that you own.

Feature Details:
A.M.Y. is a software that has everything you need to manage your ads:

* Create unlimited advertising zones on your site(s).
* Rotating or non-rotating ads in each zone
* Allows banner ads, text link ads, and HTML code ads.
* Flat (time-based), CPM (impressions-based) and CPC (clicks-based) pricing plans
* Each pricing plan can be assigned to any number of ad zones and each ad zone can have any number of pricing plans.
* Advertisers can sign up online.
* Manual management of advertisers.
* Detailed reports about earnings, ads running, impressions, clicks, status of the campaigns.
* Advertiser's control panel with reports and ability for the advertisers to manage their campaigns.
* Manage unlimited number advertising campaigns and ads.
* Each ad can run in any number of campaigns and each campaign can run any number of ads.
* Set ad priority in the campaign: high, low or normal.
* Activate and deactivate advertising packages for any campaign.
* Full source code included, no encryption.
* Easy to customize.
* UNLIMITED domains license for all domains that you own.
Editor Rating:5 of 5 Stars

License: Shareware

Related: ad management, advertising management, ad server

O/S:Linux, Unix

File Size: 114.3 KB

Price: $29.00

Downloads: 241

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