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Activity Stream 6.x-1.0
File ID: 97539

Activity Stream 6.x-1.0
Download Activity Stream 6.x-1.0 Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 163.8 KB
Downloads: 1
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Activity Stream 6.x-1.0 Description
Description: Bring all your activity on the web into Drupal. Activity Stream builds a lifestream for you by aggregating your social activities all in one place. Whether it's bookmarks on and Ma.gnolia, pictures on Flickr, music on, or posts on your blog, anything you create can be gathered into one easy to read stream. The module comes with support for a half dozen popular sites and support for any site that publishes an RSS or Atom feed. Developers can create integrations with any other site using a simple API.

Every item in your stream is a full Drupal node. This means they can be searched, promoted, commented on, and managed just like any other content in Drupal. The output is fully themeable and the default theme uses plenty of classes so you can use CSS to make sure everything fits in with your site.

Each third party site integration is a small Drupal module, so you can easily decide which ones you want to offer and which ones to leave out. Included in the download are modules for, Digg, Flickr,, Twitter, and any other site through a feed.

Want to see it in action? Brian Stevenson created a screencast showing how to install, configure, and use Activity Stream.

Developers can build modules to add more third party integrations. The API allows you to simply add configuration options to both the admin settings and the user's profile page. It provides theme functions so you can override how Activity Stream displays items from your module, and end users can further override with their own themes.

Developing for the API is very simple. The Flickr integration is only about 100 lines of code, and about 1/3 of that is comments.

Some contributed modules that work with the API are (in alphabetical order by site name)...

* Blogger
* code commits
* Facebook
* Foursquare
* Github
* Goodreads
* Google Reader
* Hulu
* Internal nodes
* Netflix
* Qik
* Ravelry
* StumbleUpon
* Twitter Search Terms
* Yelp
* YouTube

Want to create your own module and add it to this list? See the documentation on releasing Activity Stream add-ons.

License: Freeware

Related: Activity, drupal, Module, Modules, flickr, Stream, Create, override, lastfm, Integration, Support, Party, delicious, twitter, integrations

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 163.8 KB

Downloads: 1

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