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Amazon Niche Store 1.1.1
File ID: 92334

Amazon Niche Store 1.1.1
Download Amazon Niche Store 1.1.1http://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 10.0 KB
Downloads: 21
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Amazon Niche Store 1.1.1 Description
Description: The Amazon Niche Store plugin allows you to automatically display Amazon products on your blog. You just add a simple tag to a post or page, along with your Amazon Tracking ID, and the relevant keywords for the products to be displayed. You can also optionally specify the number of rows and columns to specify the layout of your Amazon store.

# Installation :

Installation of the Plugin

1. Upload amazon-niche-store.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

Adding Multiple Store Pages

1. Go to Tools > Amazon Store in the WordPress admin menu
2. Enter your tracking ID and preferences for the pages that will be created
3. For each new page you want to create, provide a page title, product keywords, and select a page parent
4. Click Add Pages

Displaying a Store as a Widget

1. Go to Appearance > Widgets in WordPress.
2. Select the section where you want the widget to appear and click Show.
3. Click the Add button next to the Amazon Niche Store widget.
4. Be sure to enter your Tracking ID and Keywords. For multiple keywords, separate them with a pipe character (|), e.g. star wars lego|inflatable pool|swingset. When multiple keywords are used, one of them will be selected at random each time the widget is displayed.
5. Select the number of items to display.
6. Modify the custom CSS to your liking. The default closely mimics Amazon product displays.
7. Click Save Changes.

Displaying a Store in Pages or Posts

If you want to display the store on a page or post, use the following shortcode:

[amazon trackingid="YourTrackingID" keywords="Product Keywords" rows="RowCount" columns="ColumnCount" pagination="yes" logo="white" customcss="someuniqueidentifier"]

Required Parameters:

* trackingid
* keywords

Be sure to set the trackingid to your own Amazon tracking ID. keywords should contain the keywords for products you want in your store. Separate the keywords with spaces. If you want, you can put multiple stores on the same page or post. Just place multiple shortcodes with the product info you wish to display in each store.

Optional Parameters:

* rows (Default: 5)
* columns (Default: 2)
* pagination (Default: none)
* customcss (Default: none)
* logo (Default: white)

Set row to the number of product rows you want to display and and column to the number of product columns you want to display.

If you specify the pagination="yes" parameter, it will enable pagination of the store page. Please note that if you have multiple stores on one page, this may cause some odd results if the stores do not have the same row and column count.

There are three possible values for logo:

* white
* black
* none

If you specify the customcss parameter, the store will use customized CSS you specify rather than the default CSS (which is much like the product displays on The value of the customcss parameter will be appended to amazon-store in each of the CSS classes used in the output. For instance, when you use the sidebar widget, the customcss parameter is set to sidebar. So the class names will be amazon-store-sidebar, amazon-store-sidebar-title, amazon-store-sidebar-manufacturer, amazon-store-sidebar-price, amazon-store-sidebar-view-details, and amazon-store-sidebar-footer.

To customize the store to your liking, you can specify the formatting for the following classes (mycustomcss is used as the customcss parameter in this example):

* amazon-store-mycustomcss : This is the style for div that encloses the entire store
* amazon-store-mycustomcss-title : This is the style for the title
* amazon-store-mycustomcss-manufacturer : This is the style for the manufacturer
* amazon-store-mycustomcss-price : This is the style for the price
* amazon-store-mycustomcss-view-details : This is the style for the view details link
* amazon-store-mycustomcss-footer : This is the style for the footer displayed at the bottom of the store

You can also set customcss="none". This will prevent the customized CSS from being displayed inline on the webpage. If you wish, you can either specify the css for amazon-store, amazon-store-title, amazon-store-manufacturer, amazon-store-price, amazon-store-view-details, amazon-store-footer within a CSS file. You can also not specify them at all, in which case the store will take on the style specified by your blog.

License: Freeware

Related: Store, amazon, Style, Keywords, Product, Multiple, Parameter, customcss, Display, default, Widget, Number, displayed, Products, stores, Click, Columns, Plugin

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 10.0 KB

Downloads: 21

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