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Amazon Products Feed for Scripts 4.090809
File ID: 87099

Amazon Products Feed for Scripts 4.090809
Download Amazon Products Feed for Scripts 4.090809 Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 153.6 KB
Downloads: 30
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Amazon Products Feed for Scripts 4.090809 Description
Description: This script was created to utilize's Web Services to provide a real-time listing of books or other items on your site that provide links for your visitors to purchase these items from Amazon US, UK, DE, JP, FR or CA, using your affiliate code. This script parses's XML feed to provide search results and bestseller listings in HTML for your visitors.

* Features: Free (as in beer) - Open Source GPL license (as in freedom).
* Easy - put your associate id in the script and your affiliate store is fully stocked and ready to run.
* Simple - the script only requires that Perl be installed on your server.
* Cross-platform - versions of this script are known to be running on both Linux/Apache and Windows/IIS.
* Flexible - control the operation of the script through how you link to it.
* Customizable - change the look and feel of the results through simple HTML template files.
* Established - thousands of web sites are currently running their own Web store with this script.
* MulTi-lingual - change the language by editing a simple text file. Currently known to be running on sites in German, Spanish, Japanese, and Estonian.
* Multi-national - works with,,,,, and
* Scalable - change a single setting to increase or decrease the cache size to trade between speed and disk space.
* Promotional - all of the searches are automatically cross linked throughout the results for suggestive selling.
* Efficient - many users have remarked how this script returns results faster then shopping directly at Amazon. Now it's even faster with cached results and prices that are updated hourly.
* Extensive - many ways to list the products you want. Browse all products, list selected products by ASIN, or search by many different methods. Even search for third party products by condition and ASIN or by seller.
* Reliable - the script has been programmed to not make any sales if it cannot find an Associate ID. So that we have done our best to ensure that you get credit for every sale.
* Safe - no URL input is directly used to access your server. All URL input is sanitized to deter hacking.

* Examples: You can see the script in action on my site displaying Books on Web Services, my Wishlist, or All Bestselling Products.
* I am not a graphic artist, I'm barely a programmer. So don't judge the quality of the program by how ugly my HTML is, look at what Other Sites are doing with my script

License: Freeware

Related: Script, results, Products, Search, provide, running, Change, Affiliate, Server, Store, Input, directly, faster, amazon, items, amazoncom, Services, Sites, Scripts, Feed

O/S:Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 153.6 KB

Downloads: 30

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