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Bcc32Pch IDE Plugin 2.55
File ID: 39679

Bcc32Pch IDE Plugin 2.55
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License: Freeware
File Size: 356.0 KB
Downloads: 56
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Bcc32Pch IDE Plugin 2.55 Description
Description: A little plugin for C++Builder. It replaces the built-in compiler by the command line tools.Fearures: Advanced precompiled header support (*) Shows how many files are already compiled Batch compilation Speed improvement (built-in compiler is not the fastest) Full message pane support with extended error information support Detailed message window shows the console output Adds Shift+F9 as shortcut for Build project Makes Run Without Debugging visible Background compilation (Compiler and Linker run in it's own thread) Force Run functionality (no dependency check and compilation) Run Process functionality allows to debug external applications Execute foreign makefiles (MAKE, NMAKE, GNUmake) with errors/warnings in the message panel and the possibilty to debug the generated application Allows to execute programs before and after the compilation Qt4 qmake support: creating and debugging Qt4 applications within the IDE.

License: Freeware

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File Size: 356.0 KB

Downloads: 56

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