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Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin 2.0.4
File ID: 92696

Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin 2.0.4
Download Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin 2.0.4http://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 1.1 MB
Downloads: 3
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Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin 2.0.4 Description
Description: Blubrry PowerPress brings the essential features for podcasting to WordPress. Developed by podcasters for podcasters, PowerPress offers full iTunes support, the Update iTunes Listing feature, web audio/video media players and more. PowerPress is designed as an upgrade to PodPress.

PowerPress is developed and maintained by Blubrry, a podcasting company and community providing tools and resources for podcasters to measure, monetize, publish and host podcasts. Although we'd like you to become a member of Blubrry, no membership is required to use this free open source podcasting plugin.
Key Features

* Full iTunes Support: Adds iTunes compliant podcast feeds to your WordPress blog.
* Integrated Media Players: Audio/video web players with video embed support from sites such as YouTube and
* Media Modifiers: Easily add, modify and remove podcasts form blog posts and pages.
* Migration tools: Quickly migrate from PodPress, Blogger or Movable Type without losing episodes.
* Multi-podcast support: Create separate podcasts by category (category casting) or by media format.
* Supported Media Formats: mp3, m4a, ogg, wma, ra, mp4a, m4v, mp4v, mpg, asf, avi, wmv, flv, swf, mov, divx, 3gp, midi, wav, aa, pdf, torrent, m4b, m4r.
* *Media Statistics: Get FREE Blubrry Media Statistics from your WordPress dashboard.

*The Blubrry basic statistics service is FREE. Our Premium Statistics Service, which includes U.S. downloads, trending and exporting, is available for $5 month.
Full iTunes Support

iTunes can make up between 50 and 95 percent of a podcaster's audience. PowerPress comes with the following iTunes specific features.

* iTunes compliant podcast feeds: The appropriate tags are added to your feeds so your iTunes listing looks great.
* Optimized iTunes Summary: Converts your blog post content to a format suited for viewing in iTunes (learn more)
* Update iTunes Listing: Notify (ping) iTunes when you publish new episodes.
* Update iTunes Listing Logging: Check the status of your last iTunes listing update.
* Upload iTunes Artwork: Upload and change your iTunes artwork directly from within PowerPress settings.

Integrated Media Players

Blubrry PowerPress includes extensive web player options to display your podcast audio and video in your web pages.

* Pick from five mp3 players including the latest version of the popular 1 Pixel Out Player.
* Position player above or below your post content.
* Place the player exactly where you want by adding the [powerpress] shortcode tag directly in your post content.
* Add video embeds from sites such as YouTube, Viddler, and
* Provides download and play in new window links.
* Formats supported: mp3, m4v, m4a, ogg, mp4, wma, mov, pdf, swf, avi, mpeg and more.

Integrates with Blubrry's Services

Make your life easier by adding our FREE or paid services to streamline your podcast productivity.

* Quickly access your Blubrry media download statistics from your WordPress dashboard.
* Publish Blubrry hosted media directly from your blog.
* View Blubrry hosting usage quota from your blog.
* Configure how Blubrry writes media (ID3) tags within PowerPress settings.

The Blubrry basic statistics service is FREE. Our Premium Statistics Service, which includes U.S. downloads, trending and exporting, is available for $5 month. Blubrry Media Hosting packages start at $12.
Advanced Features

Want more? Check out the advanced features.

* Media size and duration detection: Enter your media URL and let the PowerPress do the rest.
* Category Casting: Add podcast support to your WordPress category feeds.
* Custom Podcast Channels: Distribute multiple formats (audio/video) and versions (short/full length).
* Tag/Keyword Podcast Feeds (Tag Casting): Add iTunes compliant attributes to your tag feeds.
* FeedBurner Support: Use to host your podcast feeds.
* *User Role Management: Control which users in your blog can podcast.
* Diagnostics: Check to see if your server is configured to support all of the available features in PowerPress.
* WordPress MU: Blubrry PowerPress is compatible with WordPress MU

*User Role Management requires a separate plugin to manage WordPress Roles and Capabilities.
Migrating from PodPress

We made it easy to migrate from PodPress to PowerPress.

* Install and enable PowerPress
* Configure the "PodPress Episodes" setting in PowerPress to "Include in Posts and Feeds"
* Disable PodPress

PowerPress will continue where PodPress left off by including your previously created PodPress episodes in your feeds and web pages.
Migrating from plugin "Podcasting"

We made it easy to migrate from plugin "Podcasting" to PowerPress.

* Install and enable PowerPress
* Disable plugin "Podcasting"

PowerPress will continue where plugin "Podcasting" left off by including your previously created episodes in your feeds and web pages.
Need Help?

. . . or have some ideas that could improve the plugin?

* Visit the Blubrry Community Forum
* Use the Blubrry Contact Us form
* Blubrry PowerPress Documentation
* Check out - everything you need to know about podcasting

License: Freeware

Related: Itunes, powerpress, blubrry, Wordpress, Feeds, Media, Podcast, Support, Plugin, Statistics, episodes, Check, podpress, Features, Podcasting, Category, including, Player, includes

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 1.1 MB

Downloads: 3

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