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BrewBlogger 2.3.1
File ID: 87267

BrewBlogger 2.3.1
Download BrewBlogger 2.3.1 Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 2.8 MB
Downloads: 4
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BrewBlogger 2.3.1 Description
Description: It allows brewers to record their brewing activities, while also providing a forum for exchanging information with others.


Extract the zip file to a location on your local computer.
Find the location where you unzipped the file and open the folder.
From there, open the folder named BrewBlogger.
Then, open the folder named Connections.
Locate the file named config.php.
Using your favorite text editor or WYSIWYG program, open config.php.
Insert the username and password provided by your web hosting company d-deOCL be sure to read the help text above each line.
If you plan on utilizing the Bottle Label upload function, designate the path of the label_images folder.
Using your favorite FTP program, upload the entire contents of the BrewBlogger folder (but not the folder itself) to your web server's root directory.
If you plan on utilizing the Bottle Label upload function, you will need to change the permissions (CHMOD) of the label_images folder to 777 (read-write). Your FTP program should be able to do this.
Your web hosting company most likely has phpMyAdmin available to its users. If not, you can download the software by going to the phpMyAdmin website. It's free and easy to install.
Using your browser, go to your hosting account's phpMyAdmin site. You may have to browse to your account's control panel to access phpMyAdmin.
Type brewlog in the field under the heading Create new database.
Click Create. Note: some hosting companies limit the number of database installs. This method of creating a database may not be possible. If not, consult your hosting company's documentation.
On the next page that appears, click the SQL link.
From there, click Browse to find a location of a text file.
Find the location where you unzipped the folder and open it.
Open the sql folder.
Select the file called 2.2_new_install.sql and click Open.
Click Go.
The database tables and default data will be installed.
Browse to your installation's URL

Here are some key features of "BrewBlogger":

dlTE Web-based log entry and display featuring: Brew date; Fermentation schedule; Yield; Imperial (U.S.) or metric units of measure; Styles conforming to 2008 Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) guidelines; Original gravity and final gravity plus intermediate gravity reading tracking; Bitterness (IBU or HBU); Color (SRM or EBC); Alcohol By Volume (ABV); Plato, extract, attenuation, and efficiency calculations; Method (extract, partial mash, all-grain); Cost; Full ingredient listing; Mash schedule; Mash efficiency; Water profile; Brewing procedure; Your comments and notes; Bottle label image display; Links to related Internet sites.
dlTE Password protected log entry and administration area
dlTE Single- or multi-user options. Multi-user option can accomodate unlimited users and administrators, complete with user profiles - perfect for clubs
dlTE News/Announcement display (multi-user only)
dlTE A personalized brewing calendar
dlTE Brewing Calculator suite including: Calories, Alcohol, and Plato Calculator; Brewhouse Efficiency Calculator; Bitterness Calculator; Water Amounts Calculator; Priming Sugar Calculator; Force Carbonation Calculator; Plato to Specific Gravity Calculator; Recipe Calculator.
dlTE Reference area including: 98 BJCP styles; 70+ Hop varieties; 100+ Malt, grain, and adjunct varieties.
dlTE Printable log and recipe pages
dlTE Printable contest entry forms for any brew log - no more writing long-hand, data is auto-populated from the log
dlTE Import recipes in BeerXML format
dlTE Export any recipe in fully compliant BeerXML format
dlTE Export log and recipe databases to Excel and SQL
dlTE Customizable display featuring: Choice of 10 themes; Unique blog name; Personalized tag line or favorite quote; Brewer biographical information; Brewer favorite links; Display preferences.

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

dlTE BeerXML import functionality
dlTE Improved BeerXML exporting function to be ultra-compliant with the standard.
dlTE News/Announcement posting capability (administrator users only in Club Mode) for one-way communication with members.
dlTE A newly built and re-engineered (from the ground up) brewing calendar.
dlTE Augmented user profiles to include more personal data.
dlTE Updated style database to 2008 BJCP Guidelines.
dlTE Improved iconography throughout both public and administrative areas.
dlTE A "Print Contest Entry" function that emulates the official BJCP sanctioned contest entry forms. No more writing everything out by hand.
dlTE A "Quick Edit" feature to allow users, once logged in, to edit a log or recipe when viewing it on the "public" side.

License: Freeware

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O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 2.8 MB

Downloads: 4

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