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cbnet Multi Author Comment Notification 1.1.2
File ID: 93683

cbnet Multi Author Comment Notification 1.1.2
Download cbnet Multi Author Comment Notification 1.1.2http://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Freeware
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cbnet Multi Author Comment Notification 1.1.2 Description
Description: By default WordPress sends notifications of new comments to the author of the post only. If you have a blog where there are 3 authors who writes for this blog then they will get notification of new comments for those post which they have written themselves only.

Other 2 authors wond¬DSdut know what comments the third author is getting in his blog post unless they themselves check that post.

Wouldnd¬DSdut it be a nice idea to let ALL the authors be notified via email about what comments are being posted in their fellow authord¬DSdus blogs?This way they can take part in the conversation too. Also, if any of the author has gone for vacation then their fellow author could then continue the conversation by getting notification of new comments.

This is where "Multi Author Comment Notification", the small but useful plugin by Chip Bennett (forked from MaxBlogPress) comes into play.

Consider these scenarios where the plugin could help you.

Scenario 1: Get help from your friends for maintaining conversation at your blog

Say you have a very popular blog and its hard to keep up with lots of comments coming in. You can tell some of your friends to help you continue the conversation on blog. You can simply add their emails in the "Multi Author comment notification" and it will automatically send the notification for new comments to your friends.

Scenario 2: Monitor how your hired bloggers are doing

If you are the owner of the blog and there are several hired bloggers who write for you, then you can use this plugin to monitor all the comments made on the post by all the readers. You can then judge on how your bloggers are doing and how much good feedback they are receiving by looking at the comments made on their posts.

Scenario 3: Take peaceful vacation

Work is starting to tire you and you decide to take a vacation. But even during your vacation your fellow authors will know exactly what comments are being received on your blog posts even if your fellow authors dond¬DSdut exactly know what posts you have written.

This means you dond¬DSdut have to tell your friends or fellow authors to keep looking at so and so blog post. Your friends and fellow authors will receive the comments directly on their emails and answer them.

License: Freeware

Related: Comments, authors, fellow, conversation, friends, Author, Vacation, bloggers, Notification, Plugin, continue, hired, Emails

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 10.0 KB

Downloads: 0

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