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Claroline : Open Source e-Learning for Scripts 1.8.7
File ID: 88253

Claroline : Open Source e-Learning for Scripts 1.8.7
Download Claroline : Open Source e-Learning for Scripts 1.8.7 Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 3.4 MB
Downloads: 158
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Claroline : Open Source e-Learning for Scripts 1.8.7 Description
Description: Claroline is a free application based on PHP/MySQL allowing teachers or education organizations to create and administrate courses through the web.


Manage documents and links
- Publishing documents and files accessible to the users.
- Creating directories and sub-directories to gather files.
- Creating hyperlinks and building your own HTML pages.
Create online exercices
- Creating exercices with a list of questions.
- Elaborating different types of questions.
- Tracking the results of the users.
Develop learning path
- Creating complete sequences of learning activities.
- Putting together modules that consist of documents, exercises or imported SCORM contents.
- Stimulating the students to read documents.
- Filling exercises and following a learning activity.
Coordinate group work
- Creating several groups of users enrolled in this course.
- Defining the registration settings.
- Providing own tools for each group.
- Facilitating the collaboration between users during group work.
Produce : assignments and wiki
- Posting files that can interest other course members.
- Submitting an assignment to the course manager.
- Elaborating or filling out an assignment from home on a unique document.
- Gaining time and efficiency in group work.
Discuss : chat and forum
- Public discussion space divisible into topics (asynchronous conversation).
- Online discussion tool (synchronous conversation).
Organize : agenda and announcements
- Adding events in the course calendar.
- Showing the complete calendar displaying the events from all courses.
- Attaching to an event a link to other tools of the course or to an existing resource.
- Writing an annoucement which will be displayed on the course homepage.
- Sending an annoucement by e-mail to a user or a group of users.
- Supervise : users and statistics
Following the acces to the platform.
- Tracking the tools use.
- Supervising the progression of the users.

License: Freeware

Related: Users, Group, Creating, Documents, Learning, Files, Tools, Calendar, exercices, Events, Complete, assignment, Discussion, exercises, elaborating, Questions, Tracking, Courses

O/S:Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 3.4 MB

Downloads: 158

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