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ClipBucket Lite for File sharing 1.5
File ID: 91770

ClipBucket Lite for File sharing 1.5
Download ClipBucket Lite for File sharing 1.5 Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 1.4 MB
Downloads: 59
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ClipBucket Lite for File sharing 1.5 Description
Description: ClipBucket Lite is an OpenSource & Free Video Sharing Script with enormous features. Highly efficient Admistration Panel and User friendly interface. It has all those features that a video sharing websit like Youtube & Metacafe has. It has Built in Messeging system with Social Networking Features. People can create their own channels, customize it and also can create groups to have a discussion.
Due to high demands of videos , it is very useful to have video sharing website and its a very easy way of earning money also, but such kind of scripts costs alot, therefore we provide an opensource video sharitwng script with alots of features, easily managable and fully secured. General Features
Web 2.0 Graphics With Css Enabled Navigational Tabs
"Recently Viewed Videos" displays on index page like youtube
Top Ten Editor's Pick View on Index Page that is pick via admin Panel (Special Feature)
Fully Functional User Control Panel
Cloud Tags
Search Videos
View Member Channels and member stats
Complete Member Channel System like youtube and metacafe
Display Videos By Member and video
Display Video Stats like (runtime,views,comments,rating..)
Complete and Secured User signup and login system
Only Active members can upload videos
Uploaded Videos can be edited such as
(Video Title, Categories, Description, Tags etc..)
Edit Personal Profile and Channel
Upload Channel Avatar
Set Channel Featured Video
Channel Comment System
View Channel Videos, Favorites, Subscriptions and Contacts
Signup Captcha
Channel Views count and Channel Videos count
Channel Last active
Index Page Login Box
Top 5 Members on Index page
Youtube like index page (featured,recently added, mostly viewed) Videos
User redirect to recently viewed page after loginInstallation and ConfigurationUploading And Chmod
Upload All Files From Public_html Folder to your Root dir ie( www , public_html)
Chmod Following to 777
d-de?Filesd-deOao directory and all files and folders under it (Important)
d-de?Imagesd-deOao directory and all files and folders under it (Important)
d-de?Stylesd-deOao directory and all files and folders under it
d-de?Includes/email_templatesd-deOao and files under it
d-de?playerd-deOao and files under it (Important)
d-de?Cached-deOao directory (Important)
d-de?logsd-deOao directory and logs.txt (Important) Sql Dumping & Database Settings
Create a database and Import the 'clipbucket_lite.sql' from Sql folder
Now edit values in 'config' table as
'base_dir' to relative path to directory where clipbucket is installed ie /home/username/public_html (without trailing slash "/" at the end )
'base_url' to direct url to website where clipbucket is installed ie (without trailing slash "/" at the end )
Now Edit 'includes/dbconnect.php' as
$BDTYPE = 'mysql';
$DBHOST = 'localhost' ; Change the Host (Default Host is localhost so you may not need to change this)
$DBNAME = 'dbname'; Change this to the name of the database you created for clipbucket
$DBUSER = 'dbuser'; Change this to the username of the databse you assigned to the clipbucket
$DBPASS = 'password'; Change it to the password of the database
now your website is almost ready to go, but you have to change some settings from the Administrator PanelSettings In Admin Panel
First You have to access to the admin panel and by using this url
Enter username and password to login as Super Admin
username : admin
password : admin
After Logging in go to Super Admin Settings
Change the username and pass to whatever you want, but make is so complicate so that no one able to guess it
Now Create an Admin by clicking 'Add Member' found under User Management Menu
Fill The Form and Set its User Access Level to Admin and Submit it, and use this user as Admin
Now logout and Login as Your newly created admin Setting Website Configurations Website Settings
Website Title "Your Website Title" ie "Best Website"
Website Slogan ie "We Are The Best";
Website Closed (If You Are Editing or Doing Maintenance) Yes/No
Website Closed Message is Displayed When You Have Closed Your Website
Set Meta Description according to your website content
Set Meta Keywords According to your website Content
Turn on/of SEO Url Paths
FFMPEG Binary Path (Set FFMPEG path, where FFMPEG is installed)
FLVTool2 Path (Set Flv Tool 2 Path)
Mencoder Path (Set Mencoder Path)
Mplayer Path (Set Mplayer Path)
PHP Path ( Set PHP Path) Video, Uploading and Conversion Settings
Max Upload Size (Set the Maximum Size of the File you want to be uploaded )
Video Comments (Turn on or off Video Comments) Yes/No
Video Embedding (Turn on or off Video Embedding) Yes/No
Video Rating (Turn on or off Video Rating) Yes/No
Video Comments Rating (Turn on or off Video Comments Rating ) Yes/No
Resize The Uploaded Video or Not
if yes the Set Resize Height and Resized Width
Set Other Video Settings Accordingly
Keep Original File for Download (Turn on or off ) Yes/No
Video Activation Required (Turn on or off ) Yes/No Display Settings
Template Name ( Select Available Template From The list)
Flash Player ( Select Available Flash Player From The list)
Video List Per Page ( Number Of Videos List Per Page )
Video List Per Box ( Number Of VIdeo List in a Box, Tab or other than Main or Videos Page)
Channel List Per Page ( Number Of Channels List Per Page)
Channels List Per Box ( Number OF Channels List Per Box , Tab or Other than main or Channels Page)
Set Number Of Search Results Display
Set Number of Recently Viewed Videos in a Flash Widget User Registration
Turn On/Off User Registrations
Set on/Off Email Verification

License: Freeware

Related: Video, Videos, Number, Directory, Website, Files, Channel, rating, Change, yesnovideo, Channels, Comments, Admin, Folders, member, closed, clipbucket lite for file sharing 1 5

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 1.4 MB

Downloads: 59

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