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Contact Call Plugin - Voice Plugin for Websites 1.3a
File ID: 97874

Contact Call Plugin - Voice Plugin for Websites 1.3a
Download Contact Call Plugin - Voice Plugin for Websites 1.3ahttp://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Shareware
File Size: 184.3 KB
Downloads: 26
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Contact Call Plugin - Voice Plugin for Websites 1.3a Description
Description: Contact-Call plugin lets your website visitors call and contact you from your website across the globe for free. You can take call on your skype/GTalk/Mobile phone.

NetworkWorld mentioned that Contact-Call is "an extension to your social media presence or Web site" and has given a rating of 4.5/5. Read about it here: Push2Call Cloud Telephony Review

Here is Push2Call introduction video:

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Contact Call is compatible and works in parallel with zopim, clickdesk, livechatinc, olark and banckle live chat plugins. You have the text chat power on your wordpress, now get even more with the Contact Call live call plugin for visitors to call you directly without contact forms.

What is Contact-Call?

Contact Call is a social plugin that lets you embed 'Call Us' button on your website to let your website visitors call and you directly without a contact form your website for free. It implements a simple click2call (call me) function and helps lot of businesses globally competitive instantly by allowing visitors to contact instantly. Contact Call offers flexible, easiest and instant way to reach you than a contact form in wordpress.

Contact-Call offers 3 ways for web visitors to call you:

Direct click to call functionality from Internet browser
User can select their current locale and Contact-Call will create a local phone number in that country
Skype Call - Visitors can skype call you directly with knowing your skype handle

You (website owner) can take the call directly on your Skype, GTalk, Google voice, Mobile or Landline

Publish the widget on your website, blog, LinkedIn, twitter and on your email and start receiving calls from your web visitors.

Why should I install Contact-Call?

Provide an opportunity for your web visitors to call and talk to you
Instantly take your business to global audience
Provide live help and support to website visitors. No contact forms to fill.
Get more sales from increased customer base, conversions and customer satisfaction
Get local phone numbers in more than 40 countries. Go global and win local trust.
Take the calls the way you like - On your Skype, GTalk (Google talk), Mobile or Landline
Talk live to more web visitors by adding call button anywhere on the web: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook
Secure and reliable call plugin

Install :

Server Requirements: PHP4 or PHP5 with PHP Curl installed.

WordPress versions: WordPress 2.7 and up.

How should I setup Contact-Call for my site?

Its very simple. Just follow the easy steps listed below

Install and activate Contat-Call plugin
Setup your preferences - User interface (color, layout etc) and phone preferences (where do you want to take calls etc - phone, gtalk, skype, sip)
Save the preferences
Done!! You are now live and are ready to take free calls from your customers.

License: Shareware

Related: Voice, Mobile, Google, gtalk, handleyou, owner, landlinepublish, Widget, receiving, calls, Start, Email, linkedin, twitter, knowing, Skype, current, Select, Browser

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 184.3 KB

Downloads: 26

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