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CSS & javascript Toolbox 0.3
File ID: 104783

CSS & javascript Toolbox 0.3
Download CSS & javascript Toolbox 0.3http://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Shareware
File Size: 266.2 KB
Downloads: 11
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CSS & javascript Toolbox 0.3 Description
Description: If you are an avid CSS and javascript fan, then you will really love this nifty piece of software. Our WordPress plugin provides a great deal of flexibility by allowing you to attach custom CSS or javascript code to pages, posts, categories, and URLs.
Key Features

create and save CSS or javascript code snippets, allowing for code reuse
give code snippets specific titles, so you can search and add them to the editor window from a drop-down list
insert button to add code to pages/posts, categories, and URLs (code is added at the cursor)
delete code from the drop-down list
add default inline and external CSS and javascript declarations
add extra CSS & javascript code block windows as needed


Instructions with Screenshots

After you have uploaded and activated the CSS & javascript Toolbox plugin, you will notice a new menu item appear under Settings in your Dashboard. Click 'CSS & javascript Toolbox' link in the left admin bar of your dashboard.

Write the code, then choose what the code affects Clicking into the toolbox link from the WordPress Dashboard for the first time, you will see a CSS & javascript Block. Inside this block is a large editor window, and this is where you write your CSS or javascript code. To allow your code to run on your website, you need to specify the pages, posts, categories, or page URLs you want the code to work with. You can select multiple checkboxes and even make selections from the other tabs d-deOCt just make sure you click the Save All Changes button when you are done. The three tab sections are shown in the slideshow below. Note: clicking the small box icon with the arrow in the corner will open the page for testing purposes.

Adding default CSS or javascript declaration code If you want to add CSS or javascript declaration code snippets, but can never remember how they go, thatd-deOaos cool, we have included these as default code snippets in the drop-down list box. Simply choose the one you want, and click the button with the green down arrow.

Creating and saving your own code snippets This plugin allows you to create and save your own snippets of code so you can reuse it across additional CSS & javascript Blocks. To create and save your own snippets of code, simply click the button with the green cross. You will see a popup window, where you can create a title for your code, and enter the actual code in the main text area. Once you are happy with your code snippet and title, click the Save Code Template button.

You can then click the drop-down list, select the code title you provided, and then click the green down arrow button to insert the code into the editor window.

Adding more CSS & javascript Blocks We understand that one CSS & javascript Block is not enough. You may want to affect a different page with a whole new set of code. In this scenario, we have you covered. Look below the bottom of the block and you will find a button labelled Add New CSS/JS Block. Click that to add an entirely new CSS & javascript Block.

Although this plugin uses Ajax for the function calls (in other words does not refresh the webpage), please remember to save your code on a regular basis by clicking the Save All Changes button.
Thank You

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for installing our plugin. :) We hope you enjoy using our new WordPress plugin with your development work. We do plan on developing it further with some awesomely cool updates in the near future d-deOCt so stay tuned!!! If you do enjoy this plugin and not only find it useful, but appreciate the huge amount of work that has gone into creating it, you can certainly support us in a number of ways, including: - Consider donating through PayPal - Join our Newsletter mailing list for updates and news - Contact us for WordPress or logo services - Like our Facebook page - Follow us on Twitter

We would also love to hear your thoughts on our plugin. How has it helped you? How did you find using it? And d-deOCt is there anything that could make it better? Please drop us a comment below, and thanks again for your support! Enjoy!!

Install :

Upload the 'css-js-toolbox' folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
Click 'CSS & javascript Toolbox' link in the left admin bar of your dashboard

License: Shareware

Related: scenario, covered, bottom, labelled, provided, understand, affect

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 266.2 KB

Downloads: 11

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