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Custom review 5.x-2.1-3
File ID: 98133

Custom review 5.x-2.1-3
Download Custom review 5.x-2.1-3 Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 10.0 KB
Downloads: 6
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Custom review 5.x-2.1-3 Description
Description: This project is looking for a new maintainer
There have been frequent requests for the module to be updated in D6 / fully debug, which tends to prove there is an actual need behind this module. If anyone is willing to take this module ahead, please contact the maintainer, thank you.

Usecase: let's imagine you want to create some specific tools to allow your users reviewing some nodes (for instance a CCK-audio review, a CCK-text review, a complex-type-CCK review, ...). Let's also imagine you want them to review specific (ie, an admin can set that before) CCK-node types, then you've got it, it's basically what custom review is about.

Some vocabulary :

* the reviewer: the CCK-node type seen as a tool set by an admin to allow users reviewing specific other CCK-node-types
* the reviewee: the CCK-node type seen as the type one can review with a specific reviewer
* the review: an instance of reviewer (like an advanced comment if you want)
* the (node) reviewed: an instance of reviewee (the node the user has been reviewing)

It allows only one review by person and by reviewer type on each node. So it's neither
a tool to make comments nore supercomments, but real nodes associated in a specific way to an original one. These reviews are usually seen from the original reviewed node.

Process: the process has been created using nodeapi, so that you can go back to your node being reviewed at each time (and you keep seing a reference to your node being reviewed while making an add/edit review) . Default demo views with specific args are provided to make it easier for the end-user to list the reviews in different situations. (so ya, it's depending on views).

Admin binder: the administrator use a "binder" to put each of his "cck-node-tool-reviewers" on each available "cck-node-reviewable/reviewees"

Requirements CCK-Views-Panels (Only CCK is a "true" requirement, the two other are more an advice for a 100% functionnalities).

License: Freeware

Related: Review, specific, reviewed, reviewer, instance, ccknode, it039s, Module, Nodes, reviewing, Admin, Reviews, imagine, reviewee, original, Users, Process, Scripts, Custom, review scripts

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 10.0 KB

Downloads: 6

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