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Dance Studio Software 1
File ID: 42073

Dance Studio Software 1
Dance Studio Software 1
Download Dance Studio Software 1 Error Link
License: Shareware
File Size: 200.0 KB
Downloads: 280
User Rating:3 Stars  (2 ratings)
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Dance Studio Software 1 Description
Description: Dance Studio Manager is software specifically designed to help you run your dance studio.


Contact Management:
arrow small Easy interface makes it easy to add students to the database.
arrow small Search for students by name, address, zip, or phone number.
arrow small Edit and delete records easily.
arrow smallView Student History (lessons, payments, and more)

Payments and Packages:
arrow small Setup packages consisting of any combination of private lessons, group lessons, parties, and workshops.
arrow small Each student has a "purchase history" screen where you can view their purchases, as well as payment history.
arrow small Students may be put on payment plans, and Dance Studio Manager can track due dates, and let you output reports (see below).

Schedule Book:
arrow small Put that schedule book away! Now you can view the schedule for all your classes and teachers from any computer.
arrow small Easily view the schedule for any day in the past, present of future.
arrow small Give teachers a login and they can check their schedule from home, saving valuable time from phone calls.
arrow small Add notes and labels to lessons to allow you to track things like Introductory Specials or payments due.
arrow small Click on any student in on the schedule to see their lesson history and profile.
arrow small Easy to print the schedule for the day, or just for one teacher.

Packages and Lessons :
arrow small Sell Lessons "a la carte" or create packages
arrow small Packages may include any combination of private lessons, group lessons, workshops and parties.

Administration and Security:
arrow small All of your sensitive data can be protected by secure login and SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
arrow small Backups: It takes just a few seconds to create a daily backup, allowing to have peace of mind that all of you data is safe.

Reports :
arrow small Detailed monthly reports allow you to see total lessons taught at a glance, by the month and by the week. In addtion, you can view the performance for each instructor.
arrow small Payment Reports allow you to view the payments received for any date range. You can also track which salesperson made the sale (ex. you have more than one person working at the front desk).
arrow small Labeled Lesson Reports allow you to track Introductory Specials or other offers to judge the rate of success, or compare the performance of different teachers.
arrow small Inactive Student Reports allow you to see which students have not been in for lessons in the last 30 days (but in the last year), thereby helping your instructors to keep up with their students more effectively.
arrow small If you need other reports, we wil be happy to create them for you.

License: Shareware

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File Size: 200.0 KB

Price: $250.00

Downloads: 280

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