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DataPal for Scripts 1.15
File ID: 88978

DataPal for Scripts 1.15
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License: Freeware
File Size: 71.7 KB
Downloads: 20
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DataPal for Scripts 1.15 Description
Description: DataPal is an automated online database management software that instantly creates full featured web intefaces for managing online databases data while eliminating expensive and time consuming web interface development.

DataPal provides automated self deployed web based data management software for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Simplify and streamline your data management by interfacing your database(s) with the web in minutes without any programming knowledge. Manage data in multiple databases efficiently from the same web interface.

Simple, no server installs setup of software that automatically reconfigures web interface in response to database tables modifications and updates and best of all is completely free to use.

DataPal provides services in customizing and deploying automated data management software for your company's specific needs. Creating databases that could take full advantage of DataPal data automation features. Providing support and maintenance for deployed DataPal applications and underlying databases.

DataPal custom builds search engine friendly ecommerce web applications that are tailored for your business needs. Automating your online store inventory updates with POS vendors such as RICS and SmartVendor.

- Eliminates development time - online system is completed as soon as dabase(s) login information is filled in.
- Fully automated database interface creation - DataPal looks into database metadata and creates web inteface accordingly.
- Simple installation - inteface is entirely web based, suitable for shared hosting, no server installs are needed.
- Database modifications friendly - add or remove fields to your tables, change field datatype and web interface is instantly updated.
- Allows any data manipulation - view, update, insert, delete, search and advanced search functionality
- Intelligent datatype processing - DataPal creates an approapriate input field for a correspoding database datatype.
- Automated data entry validation with feedback to the user about allowed data for a particular database field.
- Multidatabase editing capabilities - allows similtaneously manage multiple databases from the same interface.
- Cross database editing capabilities - allows processing together databases from different providers, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL intermixed in any order.
- Superior navigation capabilities - select records per page, advanced paging for search interlinked with record detail paging resulting in intelligent, easy to use navigation.
- Ultimate search functionality - simple and advanced, on all table fields or only on some of them.
- Search allows to specify OR or AND relationship between search fields.
- Ability to handle huge data volumes with maximum efficiency. Online demos have tens of mullions of records in some tables with minimum performance hit.
- Keep track of one to many and many to many relationships - view or update dependent records that are listed next to their parent.

License: Freeware

Related: Databases, Database, Search, datapal, Interface, Management, Online, Software, Automated, capabilities, fields, Tables, Advanced, Records, Datatype, creates, Field, Multiple, Server, Scripts

O/S:Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 71.7 KB

Downloads: 20

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