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DirectUI Gui Library 1.0
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DirectUI Gui Library 1.0
DirectUI Gui Library 1.0
Download DirectUI Gui Library 1.0http://www.uieasy.comReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 666.0 KB
Downloads: 1338
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DirectUI Gui Library 1.0 Description
Description: DirectUI is a gui library to make win32 gui development more easy, It has the similar principle with the Microsoft "DirectUIHWND", which is used in Window xp file system ( left panel) , MSN Messager. Traditionally, Windows applications are built upon the GDI/User windowing hierarchy, and thus restricted in several areas, you will soon find the limitations of the windows controls - especially if you want to build something that looks a little more flashy. The native Win32 custom-draw/Owner-draw technique is limited, next to support for transparent windows, rigid control scaling/resizing.
The DirectUI doesn't make use of the native Win32 controls except some complicated control such as edit, listctrl. Instead, It draws controls and widgets on the parent window dc. In fact, you can integrate the Directui and native win32 controls in your application. For example, msn uses the type of directui to build its fancy main panel and uses the native win32 controls to build its Options dialog.

DirectUI gui library is more like a "mini" version of Mozilla xul , Adobe flex , or Microsoft wpf, It has the following features:

1. It uses xml to lay out the controls of dialog, and uses script(vbscript, jscript, lua) to provide flow control and object manipulation features that are not available in xml.
2. It defines style(like css) to describe the look and feel of the application, so it is flexible. You can load style sheets or change the appearance of controls at the run time.
3. It has high drawing efficiency.
4. It can implement some fancy effects very easy, such as transparency, animate.
5. It separates the ui and program logic. You can deal with the UI logic related by using xml and script.
6. You can build a nice application quickly with DirectUI.
7. The Directui bases on win 32 APIs, the so it doesn't depend on any framework.
8. The adjustment of the hue and saturation. You can adjust colour scheme smoothly.

License: Freeware

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File Size: 666.0 KB

Downloads: 1338

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