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Djamolwap 13
File ID: 143371

Djamolwap 13
Download Djamolwap 13 Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 2.8 MB
Downloads: 32
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Djamolwap 13 Description
Description: Djamolwap 13v -Advance Auto Index With Web Admin Panel + Multi Language + Themes

[ Requirements ]
Webserver (Cpanel OS OR Other OS)
* PHP 5.0 or greater
* MySQL 5.0 or greater
# The mod_rewrite Apache module (.htaccess)
(Note : mod_rewrite Apache if this future not avilalble then use DjAmolWap 10.4version without htaccess)

[ Easy Install Process ]
1 .Create Database in Mysql Or Another Database
Extract All File In YOur Cpanel/PHP account after Open Your Site extract Link
After Enter Your Database details And New Admin Login Password And Submit
Upload All files "files" folder

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Login Admin Panel::::::::::::::::::::
2 .Login OR From Mobile With Password after click ON

3 .Activate Site Update database Admin Pane > "Full update database" Check Your Site all files added

::: Mp3 Tag Edit Automatic Function :::
All Tag Genrate Automatic with your site name And MP3 logo just change albumart.jpg image file with your icon "this file in root install folder"

::Folder Icon Adding ::
Add Your Folder Preview Logo in folderpre
with name <folder id>.png

::::Folder Description::
Use Admin Panel> File Manager

:Future in 10v and greater ::::::::::
Seo Djamol Wap 10v : +folder discription
+folder preview seprate folder
+folder preveiw in opening folder
+ Seo Tag H1 H2 Added
+ Seo Image Title Gerator
+Seo - Automatic Create File /Folder Title aslo keyword and discription genrator automatic using folder or file name
+Folder Description Maker

::::Admin Panel Functions 10 version and greater::::
Admin Panel Available in Web/Pc(/apanel.php) And WAp/Mobile9(/cp) Version, High Security For Admin Panel, New DjAmolWap Updates in Admin Pane

Admin Options : Files, File Manager, Upload file, Import files, Import / Grub,Mass renaming files,Advance orders Sections,
Sections, Close Access to SMS, Close free-activation options, Reports, Settings, Comments, All Comment View/ Delete(All/Manualy),
Cleanup comments, MySQL database, Full update database, Semi-automatic update database, Cleaning debris
from the database, Optimize DB, Cleaning DB Settings, Settings Modules, MP3 tag, Tag Image, Url Copy file,
Url Mp3 Tag, Mp3 Tag Manager, Index/ Logo, Index Editor, Header Logo, Footer Company Code, Security
Security Log authorizations,Index Editor,Header Logo,Footer Company Code And Many More functions

Plugin Setting
Enable/Disable plugin -Mp3 Auto Tag,
Mp3 Player&Info,
Text Discription,
Image Screen Shot,
Share Files on Social Networking,
Files Rating,
Jar Preview,
Zip Preview/Extract,
Video Preview

File Manager Option : [F] - Complete update of all that is behind the chosen folder.
[R] - Renaming.
[Fast] - Description.
[Upd.] - Upgrading just the fact that Nekhoda in the chosen folder, nezatragivaya subsections.
[D] - Remove.
[+I] - Manualy Upload Folder Logo (Folder Id).png in folderpre
[Up] - Raise the folder on the list for 1-up.
[Down] - Lower folder list on 1 down.
[ยง.] - Add section (description to grupe directories).Working with files
[R] - Renaming.
[O] - The description zasyvaetsya in the database (using [Fast]).
[Fast] - The description zasyvaetsya to file.
[D] - Remove.
[+S] - Adding screenshots.
[-S] - Removing screenshot.
DjAmol STats Counter Tracker Code Already Install Index Pages If want Add custom any page then add This Code:
var src = "cp/app/djamolst/counter.php"
src += "?ref=" + escape( document.referrer );
src += "&anticache=" + new Date().getTime();
var body = document.getElementsByTagName( "body" )[0];
var image = document.createElement( "img" );
image.src = src;
body.appendChild( image );
Seo Sitemap About apanel.php?action=seo(only Use For Pro Version)
Robot-edit Robot Setting Also info About apanel.php?action=rtxt

|||||12version and 13 version|||||
New Admin Options : Plugin On/Off,
Ad setting
Water2(One Click Folder Png Watermark)
Copy Folder Fully From Another Site
Mp3 Play/Preview
Text Description Preview
Own Ads In Page
Skins/themes Preview
Share Social Networking
Jar Preview
Zip Extract
Java Script DjAmol STats Analytics

License: Freeware

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File Size: 2.8 MB

Downloads: 32

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