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easy-CMS for Scripts 1.0.0RC3
File ID: 88321

easy-CMS for Scripts 1.0.0RC3
Download easy-CMS for Scripts 1.0.0RC3 Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 1.1 MB
Downloads: 18
User Rating:1 Stars  (1 rating)
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easy-CMS for Scripts 1.0.0RC3 Description
Description: easy-CMS is a free Open Source content management system based on PHP.

Its main purpose is to offer a user-friendly interface for easy content modifications while allowing web developpers to keep a clear distinction between content and presentation.

easy-CMS has great potential because of its platform architecture that allows unlimited and easy addition of new features (fully object oriented development).


General Features
- W3C conform frontend rendering
- Use of templates for pages, containers and menus
- WISIWYG edition of the content (use of FCKeditor)
- Auto-generation of new pages, containers, containersList and menus
- Unlimited nested site structure levels
- Support for meta tag keyword and description
- Multiple CSS and javascript files per page supported
- Multilingual sites supported
- Multilingual administration interface
- Installation process fast and user-friendly
Content management

- User defined content types (illimited)
- Content types composed of content parts (see above)
- Contents grouped into Containers
- Containers can be grouped into ContainersLists
- Illimited number of Containers or ContainersList by page
- Specific Containers for page categorization (Menus)
- Illimited templates can be defined for each content type
- Containers can be set to display a limited number of content items
- Content items within a Container can be sorted on any available field
- Containers can be cloned (new Container with the same content list)

- Users and groups management (ability to create, modify and remove users, groups and memberships)
- Privileges (edit / view / admin / remove / publish) can be granted or denied for every user or group

- Each time a content element is modified, its previous version is stored
- User-defined number of stored versions

- Each element (content, container, containersLists, menus, pages) must be published before it is shown to the visitors of the website
- Only allowed users may publish elements
- User-defined default publication state (if new elements are published or not).
Templates management

- Unlimited number of user-defined templates
- Custom taglib for page templates
- Automatic translation of the contents into xml code
- Use of xsl for the content templates
Cache management
- Pages automatically cached for best performances
- Pages build using containers (groups of content parts) - that can be separatedly cached
Several Content parts
- Bool (boolean true or false)
- Color (in the hex html format #RRGGBB)
- String (max 255 chars)
- Text (depending on the DBMS, max 4 Go with MySQL 4.1)
- Time (hours, minutes and seconds)
- Date (day, month and year)
- Document (a file of the repository)
- Float (a floating point numeric value)
- Image (an image of the repository)
- Integer (a long numeric value)
- Link (either a relative or absolute URL)
- Reference (a link to another content object)

License: Freeware

Related: Content, containers, Management, Number, Templates, parts, Pages, Menus, Groups, Multilingual, Defined, types, supported, Unlimited, Numeric, repository

O/S:Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 1.1 MB

Downloads: 18

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