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EazyEdit VK OpenAPI SlideShowPro 5.x-1.0
File ID: 101583

EazyEdit VK OpenAPI SlideShowPro 5.x-1.0
Download EazyEdit VK OpenAPI SlideShowPro 5.x-1.0http://drupal.orgReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 163.8 KB
Downloads: 1
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EazyEdit VK OpenAPI SlideShowPro 5.x-1.0 Description
Description: This module integrates SlideShowPro with the Image module and Views.

You can create a view from your images and show it in a Flash slideshow. You can embed the slideshow with a simple filter [ssp|path/to/slideshow].

This screencast shows the module in action:

Using this module with CCK/imagefield requires overriding a theming function.

Note that you need Macromedia Flash and the SlideShowPro Flash component in order to run this module.
Drupal 5

* Multiple SSP swfs: You may now specify the path to your ssp file in the filter tag. Ex: [ssp|path/to/slideshow|path-to-ssp=modules/slideshowpro/ssp2.swf]
* Permalinks: Images may now be linked via a CCK Link field. Simply add a link field to your image content-type and ssp will check to see if the image should be linked.

License: Freeware

Related: Module, Flash, Slideshow, Filter, Field, linked, slideshowpro, Image, moduledrupal, Multiple, Order, Component, permalinks, Check, contenttype, Macromedia, Images, Simply

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 163.8 KB

Downloads: 1

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* Add one or more images to your post.
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SlideShowPro Director is a content management and slideshow publishing product developed by SlideShowPro. This WordPress plugin gives SlideShowPro Director users the ability to display their uploaded photos and videos in WordPress posts and pages....

SSP is a module intended for seamless slideshowpro integration. As there were no modules for drupal 6, I decided to solve that problem.
More details to come, this is just the initial release.

Here is a demo

SlidePress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to publish slideshows (using SlideShowPro Standalone) in blog posts and pages. Notable features include:

* Manage multiple SlideShowPro galleries with unique styling options.

The Pluginz OpenAPI is a standardized cross platform API for the development of plugins for applications related to the entertainment industry. The API will allow developers to write once and port to many different applications on the market.

This Plugin uses the SSP Director API to pull content from SlideShowPro Director.


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