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ElseIf ?
File ID: 11163

ElseIf ?
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License: Freeware
Downloads: 18
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ElseIf ? Description
Description: ElseIf is a multi-platform compatible script that performs different actions based on the value of a variable. Normally this is done with using an If...Then...Else...End If statement or a Select Case statement. Ocassionally you'll find ElseIf is a better alternative.

License: Freeware

Downloads: 18

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Pacos Drivers offers and example and tips for If ElseIf End If Example.

batch process

% if { if
% } end
% else { ==> else
% } end

% end
% else ==> else

% 'else if' ==> 'elseif'

% 'int' ==> '//int'
% 'double', '//double'

% void...

Using this tutorial, you will be able to know the ways to include conditional statements in your scripts. Syntax is available that lets you learn how to initialize condtional statements like IF..THEN, IF THEN with ELSE and ELSEIF statements. From...

Computes Disk Harmonic Functions; uses Bessel functions and derivatives
Requires BessDerivZerosBisect2.m
function dnm = DiskHarmonic(m,n,r,theta)
if(m == 0)
dnm = 1*Rnm
elseif(m < 0)
dnm =...

UIMATLAB returns true if the function is called from matlab, and false otherwise.

UIOCTAVE returns true if the function is called from octave, and false otherwise.

Using these functions, one is able to execute different parts...

Tested in R13!!!

This app is designed to allow easier interfacing with interfaces such as GPIB, Serial, and others (though honestly I've never tried it on anything other than an iotech GPIB.)For information on...

The idea is to give more emphasis in some examples of data as compared to
others by giving more weight. For example, we could give lower weights to
the outliers. The motivation to write this function is to compute percentiles

I am trying to concatenate the numbers and create a vector of concat number with string format.
%[data, text, alldata] = xlsread('C:Usershze1DesktopDescrete Choice Modelsfinal_file_b.xls','Data','A1:GG25831');
data = [2 4;1 12;23...

WORKBAR Graphically monitors progress of calculations
WORKBAR(X) creates and displays the workbar with the fractional length
"X". It is an alternative to the built-in matlab function WAITBAR,
- Doesn't...

The Ad Codes widget allows you to place ANY size banner into a widget-ready bar for WordPressdlT«. You can paste HTML, javascript, an IFrame, or even PHP code into this widget without any problem at all. The Ad Codes widget also supports...

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