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FastFillGrid 1.0
File ID: 86983

FastFillGrid 1.0
Download FastFillGrid 1.0http://www.mathworks.comReport Error Link
License: Shareware
File Size: 51.2 KB
Downloads: 3
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FastFillGrid 1.0 Description
Description: FastFillGrid populates a grid, i.e. Microsoft Spreadsheet Object, with a cell array

Thanks Brett Shoelson, via CSSM

PUTCELLVALUE puts a value in an active cell

fastfillgrid is both a directory and a function.

FastFillGrid populates a grid, i.e. Microsoft Spreadsheet Object, with a cell array

The cell array may contain mixed types.

FastFillGrid(SPREADSHEET,M) populates SPREADSHEET with M

FastFillGrid(SPREADSHEET,M,DOPASTE) usage obsolete

FastFillGrid(SPREADSHEET,M,DOPASTE,DOWAITBAR) also uses a progress indicator if DOWAITBAR is 1 (default), does not if DOWAITBAR is 0

FastFillGrid(SPREADSHEET,M,DOPASTE,DOWAITBAR,MINR,MINC,MAXR,MAXC) specifies the minimum and maximum rows and cloumns to use

FastFillGrid(SPREADSHEET,M,DOPASTE,DOWAITBAR,MINR,MINC,MAXR,MAXC,ASSTR)forces all values to be placed as strings, instead of the default behavior which populates the grid with numbers when possible.

FastFillGrid(SPREADSHEET,M,DOPASTE,DOWAITBAR,MINR,MINC,MAXR,MAXC,ASSTR,AUTOFIT) if AUTOFIT = 1, then FastFillGrid will automatically adjust the columnwidth to fit the widest entry.

spreadsheet = actxcontrol('OWC11.Spreadsheet.11',[0 0 200 200]);
M = {'abc', 123; 12.17, logical(1)};


See also Graph_and_Table, QuestDlgWithGrid, SearchAndReplaceMany, SpreadSheet, DatabaseEditingTool, DuplicateFileFinder,PutCellValue, nn2an, FillGrid, xlsread xlswrite xlsinfo

Keywords: grid spreadsheet ActiveX Active-X Active X GUI Table graph_and_table plot graph table grid object flexgrid msflexgrid ocx tabular xlsread xlswrite

License: Shareware

Related: fastfillgridspreadsheetm, Logical, Abc, it039s, Fancy, questdlgwithgrid, graph table, Works, actxcontrol owc spreadsheet, Spreadsheet, adjust, Automatically, autofit, columnwidth, widest, figure, Entry, searchandreplacemany

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 51.2 KB

Downloads: 3

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FASTGETGRID extracts values and formuals form all worksheets in a Microsoft Office Spreadsheet Object (OWC). It also provides the numerical and the string variables seperately


>> h = actxcontrol('OWC11.Spreadsheet.11',[0 0 550 420]);
>> FastFillGrid(h, ...
{'Maturity' ,'4/15/09','' ; ...
'coupon' ,8.63 ,'ANN' ; ...
'redemption' ,100 ,'' ; ...
'Yield' ,10.1660 ,'' ; ...

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