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Featured Content Slider Script 2.3
File ID: 77516

Featured Content Slider Script 2.3
Download Featured Content Slider Script 2.3 Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 102.4 KB
Downloads: 32
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Featured Content Slider Script 2.3 Description
Description: Featured Content Slider makes a slideshow out of arbitrary content on your page, so users can manually select a content to see or have them rotated automatically.

Pagination links let the user quickly pick a content to show. Each content is simply normal HTML wrapped in DIV tags for effortless integration. You may have such a feature on the frontpage of sites such as PCWorld and Gamespot, though the difference is that Featured Content Slider is Flash free! Use the script to showcase new or, well, "featured" contents! And with the introduction out of the way, here's a listing of "Featured Content Slider's" features:
- Supports two ways of embedding the contents to feature- plain HTML contained inside DIV tags, or for any of the DIVs, fetch its content from an external page instead (must be of the same domain), via Ajax.
- Supports two different display modes- "manual" and "automated." For automated, the slider automatically rotates the contents until the user explicitly selects a content to view (clicks on one of the pagination links).
- Cookies are used to remember and recall the last content viewed by the user when they return.
- Interface and look of the Content Slider is completely customizable via CSS, The pagination links can be moved around anywhere on the page as desired.
- Multiple Featured Content Sliders per page supported.
Changes in 2.0 Version:
- Added optional fade transition effect. To update, replace both "contentslider.js" and "contentslider.css" with the new versions, then edit your original HTML for an additional surrounding DIV element
Changes in 2.3 Version:

It adds two new features and changes the script behavior to now actually collapse the previous content before showing the new one, instead of just tucking the former underneath the later:
- Specify whether the contents should be revealed "click" or "mouseover" over the pagination links. Default is former.
- Call the function featuredcontentslider.jumpTo() anywhere on your page to jump to a particular slide within a particular Content Slider instance.

License: Freeware

Related: Content, Links, Slider, Contents, pagination, featured, Script, Features, feature, Supports, quotcontentslidercssquot, Versions, Effect, quotcontentsliderjsquot, Transition

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 102.4 KB

Downloads: 32

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