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File Repository Module 2.8
File ID: 98773

File Repository Module 2.8
Download File Repository Module 2.8http://www.guitarvoice.comReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 122.9 KB
Downloads: 7
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File Repository Module 2.8 Description
Description: A complete PHP-Nuke download module and admin package. This module allows users to upload files to your website too.


-Files can be categorized under categories and applications.
-Admins can control which file extensions are approved for a given application.
-Admins can restrict access based on users donation in a given time frame
-Admins can restrict the number of files a user can download in a given time frame if they haven't donated files.
-Admins can grant or deny individual users access to the module for 1 to unlimitted days.
-Admins can check for ghost files (files not associated with a sql record) and deleted them to save server storage space.
-With restrictions in place, users can still browse - but not download.
-Users are emailed when their file is approved or denied.
-End User Upload Agreement in place for legal purposes.
-Rating System
-Up to 3 custom fields with custom labels for each application
-Custom filters for end users based on custom fields
-Downloads are forced so that files don't stream. This adds a level of security so users can't see the directory the files are being downloaded from. Not tested with all browsers.
-Files are renamed to a timestamp upon upload for further security and to avoid overwriting files with the same name.
-Custom Access and User Download Tracking tables auto-clean themselves
-javascript field validation
-Categories and applications can have custom icons
-Variable repository directory allows you to place your repository anywhere in your site.
-Optional Admin bypass of secure download for faster downloading
-Module and admin control panel have been modded to support language files.
-javascript Field Validation also supports language files
_Ability for admins to bypass the download secure code page and go directly to the download
-Integration of file_fetch code into need for file in root dir anymore.
-Ability to specify the directory of your repository so you can put it anywhere you want.
-Includes INSTALL.PHP file for easy, guided installation (not necessary for upgrades).

-Fixed SQL statements to run more efficiently
-Fixed SQL statement regarding download and count tracking
-Added a new video / audio file type configuration that uses a pop up window to stream media files

-Found a few more typos
-Fixed some language issues
-Fixed search so that it does not search for files that have not been approved yet.

License: Freeware

Related: Files, Users, Download, Custom, approved, Directory, repository, place, Module, Language, Restrict, Based, Secure, Stream, Security, Bypass, Access

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 122.9 KB

Downloads: 7

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