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FishCart for Shopping Carts 3.2RC2
File ID: 91404

FishCart for Shopping Carts 3.2RC2
Download FishCart for Shopping Carts 3.2RC2 Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 2.1 MB
Downloads: 59
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FishCart for Shopping Carts 3.2RC2 Description
Description: FishCart(tm) is designed to quickly present your products for purchase on the Internet.

FishCart(tm) may help significantly reduce the cost of setting up a full Internet online shopping site while expanding your market to the world. FishCart(tm) has been tested for cross platform operation on both Linux, *BSD and Windows NT, giving you the ability to choose the platform that best fits your requirements. You are not locked into a single platform solution.

By integrating an online SQL database with a shopping cart order management system, FishCart(tm) offers the following benefits.

- XML order export (requires the PHP DOM parser) Authorize.Net and CyberCash directly supported. True multilingual presentation (English, Italian, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Polish included) with immediate switching to the language of choice by the viewer

- Associate ID Tracking Flexible product options

- Rapid online catalog development Integration with your domain name

- Automatically timed sales on products

- Automatic customer information tracking Infinitely nesting product subcategories

- Separate lists of new and closeout items

- Provision for contributions for nonprofits

- Convenient rotation of promotional products Optional audio or video clips for each product Routine maintenance done via a Web interface Presentation matched to your site's look and feel Easy linking from your site into the shopping cart Secure encryption order placement over the Internet Integration into your existing order placement system Split credit card number delivery for security without strong encryption (10 digits sent with the order, 6 retained in an online database for separate retrieval)

- Flexible Order Management The Internet buyer can select desired products by category, by keyword search, or both. The buyer then selects the desired items, thus creating an online order. When the buyer has selected all desired items, she can complete the order, either online with secure encryption, or offline by mail or fax. Buyers can choose whichever method they are comfortable with.

- Easy Links Into The Cart FishCart(tm) allows you to create links from anywhere in your site into the shopping cart; the product in the link will be presented to the user to add to their order. For example, if you have an article on "Widgets", you can create a link from the article into the shopping cart to buy a widget or a book about widgets immediately. In addition, you can assign an Associate ID to others who might want to add links on their Web pages into your catalog.

- This will enable you to generate traffic and sales from other Web sites. Promotional Banner Ads It is very easy to place promotional banner ads in the cart. Simply create a banner graphic and add the references to the database, and your banner ad is immediately online. Banner ads can be shown at the top and bottom of the cart front page, as well as at the top of each category display.

- Different banner ads can be displayed for each category for special promotions within each category. New and Closeout Product Lists FishCart(tm) has complete facilities to present both newly added and specially priced or closeout items as separate product lists. You have full control what is listed in each list. This can help bring attention to the buyer for both new items and closeouts. Automatically Timed Sales Each product can be marked individually for a timed sale.

- The starting and ending date of the sale is entered in the database, and FishCart(tm) automatically shows the sale price during that time. Product Splash Graphics A unique attention getting splash graphic can be optionally shown for each product on sale. Each client can supply the graphics that best complement its product line, giving the most flexibility to this feature.

- Unique Presentation Each category display page can have its own unique presentation, with individual masthead graphics, background textures, and color formats. These characteristics are determined in the database, making it easy to customize the appearance of each of your product categories. There is provision for an optional audio or video clip for each product. This allows you to add music samples to CDs or video clips for videotapes.

- Dynamic Web Pages There is no need to create tens or hundreds of Web pages for your products. All Web pages showing the products are created dynamically by FishNet's servers each time a search is issued against the product database. You can maintain your online inventory with unprecedented ease and speed.

- Efficient Administration All routine maintenance is done via the Web. Product inventory maintenance, vendor contact information, Web page appearance -- everything is controlled from simple Web forms. FishNet has even designed a javascript based context sensitive help system to give your site administrators the immediate help they need should questions arise during database maintenance.

License: Freeware

Related: Product, Online, Order, Database, fishcarttm, Products, items, Category, Shopping, buyer, Create, Banner, Maintenance, Pages, System, Video, Internet, Platform, Encryption, fishcart for shopping carts 3 2rc2

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 2.1 MB

Downloads: 59

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