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For AMIGA-Heads Only Generating An Audio Signal In Text Mode Python .
File ID: 64189

For AMIGA-Heads Only Generating An Audio Signal In Text Mode Python .
Download For AMIGA-Heads Only Generating An Audio Signal In Text Mode Python . Error Link
License: Freeware
Downloads: 2
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For AMIGA-Heads Only Generating An Audio Signal In Text Mode Python . Description
Description: This DEMO is not for the big guns. It is aimed at those who still use
a minimum of an ancient classic AMIGA A1200(HD), E-UAE, WinUAE, of which
there are still a lot of us about...

No comments about the use of "eval()" as Python Version 1.4.0 does not
have "int()" and this is designed to work on all versions of Python
available for the above platform. See the code for minimum requirements
and much more information.

MANY THANKS to Irmen de Jong for porting early versions of Python to
the classic AMIGA to give we lowly users a taste of what was/is to come.

This code will probably make the professionals cough a little, but, boy
what fun it is to see how powerful Python can be on an open platform
like the AMIGA.

Written in such a way that anyone can understand how it works...

I really don't care how you vote this as it is for those, including
professionals, who enjoy messing with AMIGA variants purely for fun and
relaxation, and, to......

Enjoy finding simple solutions to often VERY difficult problems... ;o)

Bazza, G0LCU...

License: Freeware

Related: Amiga, Audio, Demo, e uae, Sound, winuae


Downloads: 2

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PAR: as a VOLUME in READ mode using Python 1.4 onwards on Classic AMIGAs...

Many years ago Irmen de Jong ported Python to the Classic AMIGA range of
computers, (many thanks Irmen for your time in doing so). The versions were
at least 1.4.x to 2.0.1 and now someone else has included version 2.4.6.

This gives we lowly users of the AMIGA at least a chance to see and use
Python in some guise or another. This...

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May also be applied to other devices in the C5000 family.

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The audio device /dev/dsp is used and must be available. Levels are set using the
standard audio mixers.

Just feed a signal of say 300Hz to 3KHz,...

A library in C for DOS that allows you to create GUI windows and widgets using ASCII characters in text mode.

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This code is a stand alone program to generate a signal, at the earphone sockets, of 1KHz.
It is a basic audio signal generator and can be used as a...

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