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Form creator 1.0
File ID: 46385

Form creator 1.0
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License: Freeware
File Size: 500.0 KB
Downloads: 538
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Form creator 1.0 Description
Description: Form Creator is simple software which displays forms and their related prompts on the screen. With a forms creator all you need is to answer the on-screen questions, then click a button to send the completed form to the word processor set up on your computer. Documents can be further edited, printed and saved for later revision. You may also edit the basic form templates.
Form creator lets you choose the kind of input fields you want to add to your form. You only choose the field you need and type in a label for your field. Moreover, creator forms allows specifying whether your field should be required or not. Add as many fields as you like! After you've made all your fields, simply save your form and let the form creator automatically generate the HTML code for you. You need to copy and paste the HTML code into your webpage and upload it to your server. Now the form is ready. With a form creator you can build as many forms as you like, and receive as many submissions as you like. Just make one "contact us" form and another to ask your website visitors how you could improve the site. You will be surprised what your visitors will tell you if you just ask them.

Form creator software supplies the most professional way to accept job applications, excel files, images, etc. is to let your visitors upload files to you within your actual form, rather than asking them to send you emails with files.

The data submitted from the form is sent to the e-mail address in your form setup. An email is sent out immediately after the form submission. A copy of each form submission is also stored online in your account. Website form creator permits the option to remove individual form submissions in your account if you do not need to store them.

License: Freeware

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File Size: 500.0 KB

Downloads: 538

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User Review for Form creator

manish gave "Moderate" rating 27 March, 2010 08:02
It is quit good.
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