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FTP Scheduler version 2.1.0 for Windows 2.1.0
File ID: 77011

FTP Scheduler version 2.1.0 for Windows 2.1.0
Download FTP Scheduler version 2.1.0 for Windows 2.1.0 Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 512.0 KB
Downloads: 183
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FTP Scheduler version 2.1.0 for Windows 2.1.0 Description
Description: The JAVA FTP Scheduler allows the automation of FTP uploads and downloads and scans for new tasks every 10 seconds. The scheduler is easy to understand and uses only one window to provide full control over its functionality. Typical applications are uploading weather station data, webcam images, or any other data from a PC to a webserver.

Message window: The black message window shows the activity of the FTP scheduler and provides information to the user concering current activities, connection progress, retries, uptime and total amount of uploaded or downloaded files.
Session name: FTP session information is stored in textfiles (passwords are encrypted). Session information is easily copied to a new session by changing the session name

Status: An indicator to quickly check the status of the FTP Scheduler

Watchdog: The watchdog timer will end the FTP session after the given amount of minutes has been reached. This function is useful when working with unreliable FTP servers or internet connections (like the cellular network).

FTP Server, port, login, password: The FTP parameters required to connect to the FTP server. The FTP password is not visible and will be stored in an encrypted format.

Proxy server, port, username, password: Should you be working in an environment with a proxy server, you need to provide the proxy details here. The proxy password is not visible and will be stored in an encrypted format. Proxy support is provided for http, https and the socks protocol.

Local path: The path on the local machine which contains the files to upload, when downloading the destination directory for the files to download.

File(s): The files to upload or download. You can enter them comma separated. The use of basic wildcards is allowed for uploads and downloads, examples: *.txt or data.*

Remote Path: The target directory on the FTP server for file uploads or downloads

FTP mode: The FTP Scheduler supports passive and active FTP sessions in binary or ascii format

Log FTP errors: Should errors be encountered you can log them to the error log

Proxy mode: Support for http (port 80), https (port 443) and socks (port 1080). You can specify your own portnumbers.

Mirror: Before uploading the file(s) will be copied to a subdirectory 'mirror'. You can use this feature to upload the same files to a different FTP server

Open: Intended for single session FTP, it will try to keep the FTP session open in order to upload files continuously

Append: When uploading files the uploaded files will be moved to a backup directory on the local machine and appended. This is useful when uploading ascii data to a FTP server. When downloading the downloaded files will be appended.

CR / LF: Add a 'cr' and/or 'lf' before appending a file

1 by 1: Upload files 1 at a time and only if the FTP target directory is empty. This is useful for queueing purposes

Replace: If the file already exists overwrite/replace the file. Applies to upload and download sessions

Delete: After upload delete the uploaded file from the local machine. After download delete the file from the FTP server.

Log sessions: Keep a log of the transferred files both for upload and download

Month / Day: Organize the backups on the local machine in monthly or daily directories

Upload / Download: Create an upload or download session

License: Freeware

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O/S:Windows 7, Mac OS X, WinXP

File Size: 512.0 KB

Downloads: 183

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