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Geo Mashup 1.4.5
File ID: 92274

Geo Mashup 1.4.5
Download Geo Mashup 1.4.5http://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 419.8 KB
Downloads: 2
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Geo Mashup 1.4.5 Description
Description: This plugin lets you save location information with posts, pages, and other WordPress objects. These objects can then be presented on interactive Google maps in many ways.

There's a community sourced list of examples in action. People do all kinds of amazing things with Geo Mashup.

Geo Mashup, like WordPress, has a simple interface for basic features, templates for control of output, and APIs for endless customization options. Some popular features are:


Once you have a Google Maps API key, you're ready to put maps just about anywhere on your site.

Global maps can present your posts in many ways

They can show just one category, for example

Context-sensitive template maps show the markers of currently displayed posts

Clicking on a post marker shows a customizable summary of the post or page in an info window

Location can be saved for posts, pages, users, and comments

Location can also be embedded in post content for mobile blogging

Reverse geocoding to fill in address information for locations

Support for both standard WordPress shortcodes and template tags to add maps to your site.

GeoRSS automatically added to feeds

Attach KML files to posts and pages

Connect category markers with a colored line

Many more enhancement requests implemented and underway.

If you need features that are aren't listed here, check the documentation and the tag reference.

* Spanish by Reven added in version 1.3.3
* Swedish by Joakim Green added in version 1.3.3
* German by Thomas Morvay added in version 1.3.2
* Italian by Stefan Des added in version 1.2.9
* Belorussian by FatCow added in version 1.2.8
* French added in version 1.1

Please contact the author if you'd like to add or update a translation.
Beta Features

There are often two versions of the plugin available, stable and beta. The beta version includes all the stable version features, and also new features that need further testing. See the current Beta Documentation for more.
Mashup Ingredients

Geo Mashup combines WordPress, Google Maps, and GeoNames to create a GeoCMS that puts you in control of all your content, including geographic data.
The Future

I would like to make WordPress a first-class GeoCMS, and also make working with maps in your blog as easy as working with images.

Geo Mashup endures because it supplies me with customization work. If you are a developer interested in this kind of work, contact me. More of us can make Geo Mashup better, which will in turn supply us with more work.

Donations have also encouraged me keep developing - thanks to those who have donated.

Installation :

There shouldn't be anything too unusual, but there is detailed documentation.

License: Freeware

Related: Version, added, posts, Wordpress, Features, mashup, Google, Pages, Category, Working, customization, Template, Control, stable, Plugin, Contact, Content, Location, markers, geocms

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 419.8 KB

Downloads: 2

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Install :

1. Extract
2. Upload the...

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