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Inverse Distance Weighted (IDW) or Simple Moving Average (SMA) INTERPOLATION 1.0
File ID: 78748

Inverse Distance Weighted (IDW) or Simple Moving Average (SMA) INTERPOLATION 1.0
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License: Freeware
File Size: 10.0 KB
Downloads: 29
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Inverse Distance Weighted (IDW) or Simple Moving Average (SMA) INTERPOLATION 1.0 Description
Description: This function computes at (Xi,Yi) unknown locations the IDW (w<0) or the SMA (w=0) predictions using r1 neighbourhood type ('n':number of points; 'r':radius) and r2 neighbourhood size from Vc measured values at (Xc,Yc) locations.

Vi: (mandatory) [PxQ] gIDW interpolated values
--> P=1, Q=1 yields interpolation at one
--> P>1, Q=1 yields interpolation at a
vector of points
--> P>1, Q>1 yields interpolation at a
(ir)regular grid of points

Xc: (mandatory) [Nx1] x coordinates of known points
Yc: (mandatory) [Nx1] y coordinates of known points
Vc: (mandatory) [Nx1] known values at [Xc, Yc] locations
Xi: (mandatory) [PxQ] x coordinates of points to be interpolated
Yi: (mandatory) [PxQ] y coordinates of points to be interpolated
w: (mandatory) [scalar] distance weight
--> w<0, for Inverse Distance Weighted
interpolation [IDW]
--> w=0, for Simple Moving Average (only
if neighorhood size is local and not
global) [SMA]
r1: (optional) [string] neighbourhood type
--> 'n' (default) number of neighbours
--> 'r' fixed radius length
r2: (optional) [scalar] neighbourhood size
--> number of neighbours, if r1=='n'
default is length(Xc)
--> radius length, if r1=='r'
default is largest distance between known points

--- IDW ---
all inputs:
Vi = gIDW(Xc,Yc,Vc,Xi,Yi,-2,'n',30);
6 inputs:
Vi = gIDW(Xc,Yc,Vc,Xi,Yi,-2);
--> r1='n'; r2=length(Xc);
7 inputs:
Vi = gIDW(Xc,Yc,Vc,Xi,Yi,-2,'n');
--> r2=length(Xc);
Vi = gIDW(Xc,Yc,Vc,Xi,Yi,-2,'r');
--> r2=largest distance between know points [Xi,Yi] (see D1 calculation)
--- SMA ---
Vi = gIDW(Xc,Yc,Vc,Xi,Yi,0,'n',10);
--- Spatial Map ---
Vi = gIDW(Xc,Yc,Vc,Xi,Yi,-2,'n',10);
-with Xi and Yi 2D arrays of coordinates relative to an (ir)regular

Interpolation at one point location:
Vi = gIDW([1:1:10]',[2:2:20]',rand(10,1)*100,5.5,11,-2,'n');
Interpolation at a regular grid of unknown points:
XYc = [1:1:10]';
Vc = rand(10,1)*100;
Xi = rand(50,50)*10;
Yi = rand(50,50)*10;
[Xi,Yi] = meshgrid(XYc);
Vi = gIDW(XYc,XYc,Vc,Xi,Yi,-2,'r',3);
hold on
colormap gray
hold off

License: Freeware

Related: r13d039n039, gidwxcycvcxiyi, inputs, dlengthxc, Calculation, dlargest, Syntax, Radius, fixed, 039r039, Length, r13d3d039n039, largest, r13d3d039r039, lengthxc

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 10.0 KB

Downloads: 29

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