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Jelix 1.2.2
File ID: 90820

Jelix 1.2.2
Download Jelix 1.2.2http://phpkode.comReport Error Link
License: Shareware
File Size: 2.2 MB
Downloads: 3
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Jelix 1.2.2 Description
Description: Jelix is an Open Source PHP5 framework aims to ease the development of applications or Web sites of any kind. It contains many components to use the MVC pattern to access the databases through the Jelix ORM to generate many kind of content etc.. It is a framework which enforce to organize files within specific directories, offering an easier way to maintain applications.

Features of Jelix:
- Designed for both little web sites and and huge-loaded web sites.
- Applications architectured in modules, allowing to reuse easily your code
- Fully object oriented, made on known design pattern: MVC, DAO..
- Offers many useful components, and most of them are extensible (plugins) to fit your needs
- Support natively many output format: XHTML, XUL, RSS, ATOM, RDF, ZIP, XML, PDF, etc.
- Make web services developement easier : XML-RPC, JSON, and other Ajax stuffs.
- Include a powerful form system to create all kind of forms in few minutes
- Use the dedicated ORM, jDAO, or just the abstract layer jDb to access to SQL databses, or jKVDb to access to any NOSQL databases.
- Develop a full backoffice application in few minutes, with authentication and rights management, through provided modules and the CRUD controller.
- Deploy and upgrade your application in seconds, with the new installation system of Jelix 1.2

Goals of Jelix:
- Performance: making a very fast framework (optimized code, cache system etc..)
- Simplicity: providing a friendly API, scripts for scafoldingd-deTZ
- Flexibility: allowing plugins, modules, event system..
- Robustness: responses to the browser are always in the expected format
- Pragmatism: not reinventing an API if PHP provides already this API

License: Shareware

Related: Develop, Backoffice, nosql, jkvdb, databses, Application, Authentication, Controller, provided, Management, Rights, Layer, Abstract, Include, stuffs, xmlrpc, Powerful, System, dedicated

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 2.2 MB

Downloads: 3

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This is an Open Source bulletin board software written in PHP, it is developed using the Jelix PHP5 framework. It also uses the 906 Grid System for its themes.

Features of HaveFnuBB:
- Modules
- Graphic installer
- Search
- Multiple database support
- Syntax Highlighting
- Forum and posts management
- User manager
- Categories
- Block by IP
- Logs
- RSS and Atom...

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