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JW FLV Media Player for Video 4.3
File ID: 76761

JW FLV Media Player for Video 4.3
Download JW FLV Media Player for Video 4.3 Error Link
License: Shareware
File Size: 276.5 KB
Downloads: 232
User Rating:2 Stars  (2 ratings)
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JW FLV Media Player for Video 4.3 Description
Description: JW FLV Player was the video player chosen and used by YouTube back when they launched what is now the world's biggest video sharing service.

It supports playback of any format the Adobe Flash Player can handle (FLV, MP4, MP3, AAC, JPG, PNG and GIF).

It also supports RTMP, HTTP, live streaming, various playlists formats, a wide range of settings and an extensive javascript API.

The skinning functionality allows you to completely customize its look and its plugin architecture allows you to easily extend the player with features such as sharing, recommendations, searching, analytics and ad serving.


Transfer the player.swf and swfobject.js file from the ZIP to your website.
Embed the player in your HTML page.

Here are some key features of "JW FLV Media Player":

File properties:
dlTE author (undefined): author of the video, shown in the display or playlist.
dlTE date (undefined): publish date of the media file.
dlTE description (undefined): text description of the file.
dlTE duration (0): duration of the file in seconds.
dlTE file (undefined): location of the mediafile or playlist to play.
dlTE image (undefined): location of a preview image; shown in display and playlist.
dlTE link (undefined): url to an external page the display, controlbar and playlist can link to.
dlTE start (0): position in seconds where playback has to start.
dlTE tags (undefined): keywords associated with the media file.
dlTE title (undefined): title of the video, shown in the display or playlist.
dlTE type (undefined): this is determines what type of mediafile this item is, and thus which model the player should use to determine playback. Supported values are sound, image, video, youtube, camera, http, lighttpd or rtmp.

dlTE backcolor (undefined): background color of the controlbar and playlist. This is white with the default skin.
dlTE frontcolor (undefined): color of all icons and texts in the controlbar and playlist.
dlTE lightcolor (undefined): color of an icon or text when you rollover it with the mouse.
dlTE screencolor (undefined): background color of the display.

dlTE controlbar (bottom): position of the controlbar. Can be set to bottom, over and none.
dlTE height (400): height of the display in pixels. When resizing is set to false, this is the overall player height.
dlTE playlist (none): position of the playlist. Can be set to bottom, over, right or none.
dlTE playlistsize (180): when below this refers to the height, when right this refers to the width of the playlist.
dlTE skin (undefined): location of a SWF file with the player graphics.
dlTE width (280): width of the display in pixels. When resizing is set to false, this is the overall player width.

dlTE autostart (false): automatically start the player on load.
dlTE bufferlength (1): number of seconds of the file that has to be loaded before starting. Set this to a low value to enable instant-start and to a high value to get less mid-stream buffering.
dlTE displayclick (play): what to do when one clicks the display. Can be play, link, fullscreen, none, mute, next. When set to none, the handcursor is also not shown.
dlTE fullscreen (false): fullscreen state of the player. This is a read-only flashvar, useful for plugins.
dlTE icons (true): set this to false to hide the play button and buffering icon in the middle of the video.
dlTE item (0): playlistitem that should start to play. Use this to set a specific start-item.
dlTE linktarget (_blank): browserframe where the links from display are opened in. Some possibilities are '_self' (same frame) , '_blank' (new browserwindow) or 'none' (links are ignored in the player, so javascript can handle it).
dlTE logo (undefined): location of an external jpg, png or gif image to show in a corner of the display. With the default skin, this is top-right, but every skin can freely place the logo.
dlTE mute (false): mute all sounds on startup. Is saved in a cookie.
dlTE quality (true): enables smoothed playback. This sets the smoothing and deblocking of videos on/off. Is saved in a cookie.
dlTE repeat (none): set to list to play the entire playlist once, to always to continously play the song/video/playlist and to single to continue repeating the selected file in a playlist.
dlTE resizing (true): by default, the player will resize itself to fill the entire canvas. Set this to false if you don't want the player to resize (e.g. when you load the player in a Flex application).
dlTE shuffle (false): shuffle playback of playlist items.
dlTE state (IDLE): current playback state of the player. Can be IDLE (no file loaded), BUFFERING (loading a file), PLAYING (playing a file), PAUSED (pausing playback; loading continues), COMPLETED (same as IDLE, but the file is player and loaded completely).
dlTE stretching (uniform): defines how to resize images in the display. Can be none (no stretching), exactfit (disproportionate), uniform (stretch with black borders) or fill (uniform, but completely fill the display).
dlTE volume (90): startup volume of the player. Can be 0 to 100. Is saved in a cookie.

dlTE abouttext (undefined): text to show in the rightclick menu. Please do not change this if you don't have a commercial license! When undefined it shows the player version.
dlTE aboutlink (LongTail Video URL): url to link to from the rightclick menu. Do not change this if you don't have a commercial license!
dlTE client (Flash MAC X,0,XXX,0): Version and platform of the Flash client plugin. Useful to check for e.g. MP4 playback or fullscreen capabilities.
dlTE id (ply): ID of the player within the javascript DOM. Useful for javascript interaction. This is automatically set for Windows / MAC, but under Linux you'll have to set the flashvar.
dlTE plugins (undefined): a powerful new feature, this is a comma-separated list of swf plugins to load (e.g. yousearch,viral). Each plugin has a unique ID and resides at Go to the LongTailVideo AddOns section to see all available plugins.
dlTE streamer (undefined): location of a server to use for streaming. Can be an RTMP application (here's an example) or external PHP/ASP file to use for HTTP streaming. If set to lighttpd, the player presumes a Lighttpd server is used to stream videos.
dlTE tracecall (undefined): name of a javascript function that can be used for tracing the player activity. All events from the view, model and controller are sent there. Set this to flash to utilize the internal Flash tracing mechanism and to arthropod to use the Arthropod debugger.
dlTE version (4.x.rrr): exact major release, minor release and revision number of the player. sent to javascript with every call. The revision number is always upped no matter the release, so 4.2.51 is the revision right after 4.1.50.

License: Shareware

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O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 276.5 KB

Price: $30.00

Downloads: 232

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