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Line-oriented processing in Python from command line (like AWK) 
File ID: 64428

Line-oriented processing in Python from command line (like AWK) 
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License: Freeware
Downloads: 17
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Line-oriented processing in Python from command line (like AWK)  Description
Description: A very simple but powerful shell script which enables writing ad-hoc Python scripts for processing line-oriented input. It executes the following code template:

for line in sys.stdin:

where $INIT, $LOOP and $END code blocks are given from command line. If only one argument is given, then $INIT and $END are empty. If two arguments are given, $END is empty.

Examples (script is saved as 'pyk' in the $PATH):

"wc -l" replacement:
$ cat file | pyk 'c=0' 'c+=1' 'print c'
grep replacement:
$ cat file | pyk 'import re' 'if"d+", line): print line'
adding all numbers:
$ seq 1 10 | pyk 's=0' 's+=int(line)' 'print s'
prepending lines with it's length:
$ cat file | pyk 'print len(line), line'
longest file name:
$ ls -1 | pyk 'longest=""' 'if len(line) > len(longest): longest=line' 'print longest'
number of unique words in a document:
$ pyk 'words=[]' 'words.extend(line.split())' 'print "All words: {}, unique: {}".format(len(words), len(set(words))'

License: Freeware

Related: Awk, bash, Python, Shell


Downloads: 17

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