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Link to Us 6.x-1.2
File ID: 99961

Link to Us 6.x-1.2
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License: Freeware
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Link to Us 6.x-1.2 Description
Description: Link to us creates a page of banners that can be used by others to link from their website to your Drupal website. This allows users or writing contributors the ability to use consistent banners to link to your site.

The module creates well formed links with a title and alternate text. The link is SEO friendly as it uses the URL alias for the referenced page.

Currently, node and term pages are supported (anything else gives a link toward the front page.) Nodes also receive a link that give the users a very easy way to reach the Link to us page.

Alexis Wilke is the new contributor and has updated the Drupal 6 version. It has many more options and fixed several bug present in the previous version. He released version 1.0.
Sponsors and Made to Order Software Corp
Live Demo

See the module live on the following sites:



The following are the configuration options available in the Drupal 6.x version. The Drupal 5.x version does not include as many features and is not currently supported.

* Select node types that receive a link to Link to us
* Upload and manage the link banners
* Offer or not a text only link
* Page header and footer
* Offers to insert the teaser of the node being linked to
* Let you change the text of all the links

Private File System

The module makes use of the files folder to save the banners. These banners must be available for download by anonymous users. This means you cannot be using the Private File System with this module.

If you have a patch available to circumvent this problem, I'll look into it.
Future Improvements

The following are improvements I have in mind. The node image support is an excellent idea,
I think, as it can make Link to us better suited for a site with many different

* Node option to select whether a link should be to this node or the "home" page
* Enter the size of the node teaser (so it can be different from the default teaser)
* Make use of CCK image fields of the node
* Offer a user to add a specific banner for a node (i.e. specific product/service)
* Make use of the Ubercart Product images as the banners
* Work along the uc_affiliate2 system by adding the affiliate identifier
* Add lightbox support to get the banners on the node instead of another page

License: Freeware

Related: Banners, Version, drupal, Module, Users, teaser, specific, Receive, Support, Image, creates, supported, Options, Offer, Website, itfuture, i039ll, Problem

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 10.0 KB

Downloads: 0

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