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LINKER for Scripts 2.0.4
File ID: 96565

LINKER for Scripts 2.0.4
Download LINKER for Scripts 2.0.4 Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 440.3 KB
Downloads: 7
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LINKER for Scripts 2.0.4 Description
Description: Linker is a category search engine which has a fast and stable structure, convenience usage and a lots of functions.

Linker allow you to easily create yahoo or altervista style category site and manage.

- Cool site, Newsite make function
- Pick site, pick site first priority order function
- Review and comment function
- Poll and graphic chart analysis poll score
- Multiple keyword Search
- Search keyword highlight, powerful extend search function
- 3step New mark (defferent mark 1day, 3day, 7day ago )
- Duplicated URLcheck and dead URL check function
- Modify template files in administration mode (easy editable)
- HTML Type template support ( editable in Front page, Dream weaver)
- Decorate Each category with Header, Footer field
- Block dupulicate vote, duplicate comment function
- Auto Meta tag insertion functions
- Relate categroy functions ( category link )
- Width, background color, category column number setting function
- Header file Foot file support (apply content to all page)
- Selective sub category view functions
- User optional filed support (Apply field to search, order)
- Mailling List functions
- Cool search keyword, key word list function
- Database bakcup and restore in administration mode
- File upload and image view function (include file filtering function)
- window explorer type category tree view function
- Download and count download number
- Mutiple languages (English, Japan, Chinese, Korean, German, Norwegian, Spanish ..)
- 4 template support (default. photo, yahoo style, altavista style)
- Compatible with Nescape,Opera&
- Category new mark
- Cool site is classified by hits,visit,vote number, vote average
- TOP10 Site view function
- Vote cote view function
- New site first priority order function
- Search keyword manage tool
- Mailinglist manage tool
- Date type selectable
- Database table selectable
- Support easy install program
- easy and detailed admin mode
- Support Forum and offer addition module

License: Freeware

Related: Function, Category, keyword, Functions, Search, Support, Order, Style, Number, Template, Header, Administration, Editable, Field, Comment, Priority, Manage, Scripts, linker, linker scripts

O/S:Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 440.3 KB

Downloads: 7

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